An Exclusive Look Into the Top 7 Eyewear Trends of 2021

Your face is your moneymaker. It’s the first part of you that other people zero in on, so you want it looking its best at all times. That means following a skincare routine, sleeping enough, and taking care of your eyes. If you wear glasses, you’ve been granted a free opportunity to accessorize. 

Whether it’s colored contacts, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, or prescription eyewear for everyday use, choosing the proper eyewear will make you more attractive and memorable. 

Like any form of fashion, eyewear trends change over time. Here are seven eyewear trends catching looks in 2021. 

Colored contacts

New eye color can refresh your tired everyday look and catch the eye of onlookers near and far.  Since most people look directly into the eyes during conversation, eye color is one of the most noticeable changes you can make. You can find high-quality contacts of any color from retailers like Contacts.

Round frames

Made famous by rock stars like John Lennon and Elton John, round frames have come a long way since their hippie heyday. These stylish pieces lend a carefree, casual air to any ensemble. Round frames don’t discriminate, meaning they work as well for men as for women and look equally fantastic in slim wire or thick plastic frames.

Cat’s-eye frames

Cat’s-eye glasses were popular in the 1950s and ‘60s and have come roaring back into fashion. You can find them with lots of whimsical printed frames or in classic black. These feminine feline curves work best on an oval face shape. Pair them with a chic chain to rock the eccentric librarian look.

Large frames

Tiny specs of the late ‘90s Matrix era are so last century. These days, it’s all about big, chunky frames. Unapologetically oversized frames make no effort to be unobtrusive. Instead, these trendy frames announce their presence and dare you to look away. Make a bold statement with a substantial pair of glasses.

Thin frames

In contrast to trendy oversized glasses, thin frames are also a current hit. You can find lenses of any shape in these wispy wireframes. Gold and silver are popular choices, but to add a bit of an edge, try copper. Plain black is also an excellent choice, adding a sleek, fashionable air to your look.

Transparent frames

Sometimes, fashion is invisible. An excellent example: transparent frames, a massive trend in current eyewear. These see-through frames leave little to the imagination and can pair well with any look. Available in a variety of frame types and lens styles, crystal is clearly a highly versatile style.

Geometrical frames

Are you looking for something fun and whimsical? Try frames in geometric shapes. These fun-loving frames know how to have a good time and stand out from the crowd. Various celebrities have been photographed of late rocking geometric frames, ensuring their place in the current fashion zeitgeist. If you want your look to draw the best kind of attention, these frames are right for you.

Wrap up

The right pair of frames can make you look more attractive, fashionable, elegant, and sophisticated. Among the current trends in eyewear, you’re sure to find a look that suits your image perfectly.

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