VoIP Business Phone Services for Your Pizza Shop: What To Know

Approximately 33% of customers order their pizzas over the phone but will hang up if they’re left waiting for more than 2 minutes.

Choosing the right phone service is essential to keep your pizza shop running. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology sends your calls over the internet for faster and more efficient results.

Read on for everything you need to know about getting VoIP business phone services for your pizza shop.

What Are VoIP Business Phone Services?

A VoIP phone service converts telephone audio into a digital format that’s transmitted over the internet. It uses designated hardware, a softphone, or a telephone fitted with an adapter. There are 3 types to choose from.

A residential VoIP phone service uses an existing internet connection. It doesn’t require extra hardware such as a personal computer.

Business phone services add extra features such as private branch exchanges and conference calling. Small business VoIP is similar but focuses on meeting the needs of a small business.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP Business Phone Services?

VoIP benefits include reduced costs, easier remote work, advanced features, high call quality, and improved security.

Traditional phone services cost approximately twice as much as VoIP services. There are several reasons for this.

VoIP reduces initial costs because you won’t need to install expensive hardware. t also reduces recurring expenses such as taxes or repair and maintenance fees.

The use of the internet allows you to make and receive calls through a VoIP system using a virtual number from anywhere as long as you have a strong enough connection. This makes remote work easier. Employers can save $11,000 per year for each half-time worker that telecommutes.

Advanced features of a VoIP system may include:

  • Auto attendants
  • Call transferring
  • Conference calling

VoIP services weren’t known for their clear call quality at first, but they’ve grown since then thanks to new technology. Noise-canceling microphones and audio compression improve sound quality and reduce interruptions.

VoIP systems are one of the most secure phone systems on the market. They encrypt data, use identity management, and provide security professionals to help prevent issues.

Which VoIP Phone Service Should I Choose for My Pizza Shop?

Pizza shops looking for a VoIP service should consider pizza phones. This system was developed by Clarity Voice and made by pizza shop owners for pizza shop owners.

You’ll enjoy unlimited phone lines, customized ad and upsell messages, 99% availability, 24/7 support, higher revenue, reduced order processing time, high scalability, and more.

Many of the most popular pizzerias in the business have already made the switch, including Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Where Can I Learn More?

VoIP business phone services can benefit almost any business, but they’re especially important for ones that rely on phone calls for successful sales as much as pizza shops do.

VoIP technology allows you to route calls through the internet. As long as you have a strong signal, you’ll get clear calls from anywhere while saving money and increasing productivity and revenue.

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