An Official Review of the Electrical Powerwall Charger

According to most of the Tesla Powerwall reviews, companies created a world-class product that has been appreciated by users all around the world. As an energy storage product, the powerwall home battery, Megapack, and the Powerpack commercial-scale batteries have received lots of praise for their efficiency. The availing of these products is also attributed to multiple well known companies venturing into the solar systems industry in 2016.

The Powerwall has been a serious contender in the energy sector and its reviews from past customers have earned high marks consistently. It does better in many other areas, except in technical specifications where there are other energy batteries that do better, yet they carry a lower price tag.

At the moment, you can either buy Powerwall+ or Powerwall 2. Although Powerwall 1 got discontinued in 2016, the newer product that is now on the market is quite better. Whichever you buy, you can store up to 13.5kw/h of current, while also delivering better output that can support more devices all at once.

One of the reasons that have made Powerwall stand out against the competition is its storage capacity and the superior rate at which it outputs power. While other batteries may save you money in the short term, that isn’t the case in the long run. If you consider the entire lifetime of your battery, it will be almost impossible to find a choice that offers you cost savings as much as Powerwall does.

Interesting Facts

1. The Powerwall charger can power up an entire home

This high–end battery can power a home overnight, or when you have a blackout that lasts for just a few hours. However, the benefits that you achieve by staying connected to the grid are more than using the battery while isolated. Powerwall that is connected to properly installed solar panels can help to cut down on your electricity bills. This is because the electricity that will be generated will be covering your energy usage both day and night.

2. Durability of the Powerwall charger is incredible

This battery carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty and provides a guarantee that every battery will maintain at least 70% of its stated storage after the period of the warranty. However, if you use this battery only for backup and solar self-consumption, the warranty will not have a cycle limit.

3. It saves you money

When you have a standalone Powerwall, you are most likely to save yourself a lot of costs if your electric utility company is charging you based on time of use. You can use Powerball all the time- when the grid electricity is both cheap and expensive.


There have been lots of interesting features of Powerwall that have been mentioned by reviewers from all around the world. Overall, this is a great product that is reliable and delivers everything it promises. 

Although it’s priced higher than a majority of the battery systems that are available in the market, users benefit from the higher storage capacity and also the huge power output that it offers. A single unit of Powerwall will cost you $10,500, but you can save by buying two units that are priced at $17,000. That means that you pay $8,500 for each of them.

However, there are many benefits. The 10 years warranty that Tesla Powerwall offers is unbeatable and is definitely among the best that the industry can offer. The 10 years warranty is a sign of trust by the manufacturer that this amazing product will and will guarantee the users value for money.


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