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Answering Common Questions About High Potash Fertilisers

Are you trying to educate yourself on the right fertiliser to use for your plants? This is a decision that can seem easy. Then, when you go shopping for a suitable product, you are met with a variety of brands and different names. From NPK fertilisers to compound fertilisers, there are many different types out there, and it is essential you select the right one. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money and your plants might not be getting the nutrients they need.

For example, one product you are going to come across is a high potash fertiliser. This can also be referred to as a potash-rich fertiliser. Let’s answer some of the common questions people have about this one.

What is a High Potash Fertiliser?

First of all, one of the common questions that people have is simply, what is a high potash fertiliser? Well, this is simply a fertiliser for plants that is high in potassium. Indeed, this is oe of the most important nutrients for plants, including nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium can be shortened to ‘K’ in some fertiliser products. To shop for high potash fertilisers, visit Dejex. They are the leading provider of horticulture supplies, with a range of quality brands and products on offer.

Note that there are specific fertilisers that can be high in potash. For example, this applies to products like rose and tomato fertiliser. But, the product will also contain other minerals that are needed by those plants.

What Plants Will Need a High Potash Fertiliser?

If you are new to growing, you might be wondering whether you really need this type of fertiliser. Well, there are a few questions you will need to ask yourself first. Namely, you need to know what type of plants you are growing and how they are going to develop.

For example, if you are growing plants that are going to produce fruit, this is often going to benefit from a high potash fertiliser. It provides the necessary nutrients for better fruit to grow. In addition, if the plant bears flowers, this is another example of one that will benefit from this type of fertiliser.

When Should You Apply a High Potash Fertiliser?

A high potash fertiliser is similar to other products out there. The best time to apply it is when your plants are in active growth. For example, this could be during the spring months. Indeed, spring and summer are common months to use this fertiliser, and this is when you are going to see positive changes in your plants.

The soil should also be moist if you want your plants to benefit from this product. When the soil is moist, it means that it can be enjoyed through the roots and absorbed. So, you might want to consider a liquid product or ensure that the soil is sufficiently watered during the active growing seasons.

What are the Signs You Should Use a High Potash Fertiliser?

If you are growing plants that bear fruits, you will want to look for some signs before using a high potash fertiliser. For example, if you notice that the quality of that fruit is down, this can be a sign you need this nutrient. Indeed, this is a nutrient that can boost the flavour, as well as make fruits more vibrant and colourful.

Something to note is that if you are harvesting your plants on a regular basis, it is likely that you need to put potassium back into the soil. Indeed, after every harvest, this is going to remove a lot of potassium. So, this means that the plants will no longer have enough of the nutrient to grow healthily. It will have to be replaced. Therefore, know that potassium I the soil will reduce over time. If you want to enjoy good yields, you need to ensure that there is sufficient potassium available for your plants.

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