Are You A Blogger? Here Are Some Blog Logo Tips For You

In the case of blogs, branding is what attracts audiences and compels them to have a look at your work. If you are providing quality content along with a discrete identity through a professional, spectacular, and memorable logo, people stick like magnets.

A professional logo will assist you to build a following and retain your target audience. You just need the right logo that represents your work and emotions perfectly. Wondering how to create one, keep reading and you will find that out in just a few minutes-

Blog Logo Tips

Learning how to create a logo for your blog is not enough. Now, you will learn what a great logo comprises and what things should be kept in mind while designing a logo for your brand. Here we have discussed some blog logo tips below-

1.   Know Your Brand

Before starting custom logo designing for your blog, you need to have a full understanding of your business. Get some real insight into the blog before diving into the designing process.

You must be aware of your target audience while designing a logo. The audience is what drives your business, so you need to provide what they are looking for.

In addition to this, write down everything about your brand. Find out your brand’s ideology and what is its inspiration. Understanding your own brand’s personality is crucial if you plan on presenting yourself through a logo design.

2.   Logo Reflects Your Blog

Once you fully understand your brand and its purpose, you have passed the first step of creating a spectacular logo.

The logo must be capable of representing your whole business. Every element in the logo design should hold the responsibility of speaking something about the brand. In the case of your blog, the logo must tell people what niche your blog focuses on, what your target audience is, what type of message you convey.

A logo is a visual representation that talks with the minds of your audience. Thus, it must align with the brand’s identity to convey correct messages.

3.   Choose Colors Carefully

Colors must be used carefully and after proper thought. Color plays an important part in speaking emotions through logos. People associate different colors with different feelings.

To target particular emotions, you need to choose the right colors. For instance, red symbolizes aggressiveness, passion, and energy. Blue is a symbol of tranquility and calmness. Yellow is a cheerful, young, and joyous color.

Figure out what your brand represents and choose a color accordingly. Picking a color that does not match the message of the brand, might be disastrous.

4.   Pick the Right Fonts

Many designers just choose a font randomly without proper thought. But typefaces speak about the personality of the brand.

Keep in mind the target audience, while choosing the perfect font. If your blog is professional then the font must be simple and clean. Choosing serif fonts will help in this case. While beauty or cosmetics, the blog can go great with sans serif fonts.

In the case of a music blog, choose fonts that represent the strong personality of the blog. By selecting the right colors, you will create an amazing logo and create a remarkable brand identity as well.

5.   Make it Scalable

Every perfect logo of any brand is always scalable. You cannot create a positive impression everywhere without a scalable logo. You need to remember that logo has to be viewed in a variety of advertisements.

The logo must appear as impressive as it is on every advertisement platform.

It should look fabulous on a billboard as well as a pen or cup. If the logo loses its proportion or few important design elements while scaling, it might be a disaster.

6.   Run for Simplicity

Keep your logo as simple as it can be. It must convey the proper message and values with the least elements. Simple logos are memorable and easy to recognize.

Have a look at the logos of the most famous and successful brands, all are simplistic. Logos of brands like Nike, Apple, Mercedes, Chanel, Pepsi, etc are simple and use minimal colors. Do not create logos that are full of design elements, colors, fonts, or text.

The purpose behind creating simple logos is to design something memorable and easily recognizable. This also helps in making your brand look trustworthy.

7.   Convey Feelings

All the best logos convey emotions and feelings. All the best brands sell emotions and feelings, not products. Therefore, it is important to let your logo convey emotions readily.

The logo that you design should speak volumes about your blog. It should connect and communicate with people emotionally. This will help to attract more people to your blog and also retain the current audience.

How to Design a Logo For a Blog

Hiring a professional might cost a fortune. You can go for other affordable and comparatively better options for designing a spectacular logo. You can use a logo maker to design a logo in just a few minutes.

A logo maker tool is an easy to use, time saver, and cost-effective option. Desinghill is a great logo maker where you can design stunning logos with ease. Let’s find out how to create a wonderful logo with Desinghill-

1.   Choose a Design Style

Open the Designhill logo maker tool and choose up to 5 design styles. The designs that you select will determine the final result. So, choose those templates that match your blog’s needs.

2.   Select Right Colors

Select any color that suits your brand. Do follow the tips mentioned above.

3.   Type Company name and Slogan

In this step, enter the name of the company and slogan if you have any.

4.   Pick Up to 5 Symbols

Select up to 5 symbols from the tool’s library. Pick symbols that you wish to incorporate in your logo design.


5.   Select and Customize

Logo maker will represent numerous templates for you. Pick one that you like and customize it if you wish. You can add or delete any element you like to create a design that represents values and conveys the message of the brand.

6.   Preview your Logo Design

At last, preview your logo design and pay for the design you love.

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