How to Get Likes on Instagram With Social Media Services

5 Helpful Instagram Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

Did you know that Instagram’s active users now comfortably exceed 1 billion accounts? This statistic alone proves the importance of not only being active on social media but being darn good at it.

Of course, navigating Instagram doesn’t come as naturally to some as it does to others. If you’re just getting started on this platform or scrambling to grow, it can feel pretty challenging to stand out.

Fortunately, building a brand on Instagram doesn’t have to be intimidating. Follow along to discover five of our favorite Instagram marketing tips to help you ace your online presence and take your digital marketing to the next level.

  1. Switch to Business

The very first thing you should do as a business owner on Instagram is select the correct account. There are a few different account types, and each one is set up to offer features that are relevant to that user.

To make the switch, simply head over to your settings, click on account, and tap on the ‘switch to professional account’ option. From here, follow the prompts to select a business account.

You’ll now have access to valuable insights, advertising, shopping, contact information, and even CTA buttons for your profile.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Your Instagram bio is what users will look to when they are deciding whether or not to hit that follow button.

Your Instagram bio only allows for 150 characters – a tragically small amount of space to sell yourself effectively. To make the most of this space, you’ll want to convey your personality for that positive first impression while giving people a clear and descriptive taste of why they should follow you.

Fortunately, once you’ve got your business account up and running, you’ll also have a few other helpers to optimize your profile. Add in your website, category, contact info, and those CTA buttons we mentioned earlier.

  1. Personal Branding with Content

Instagram is a unique platform in that with just one glance, users can get a pretty solid impression of your brand. By perfecting your grid, you can establish unique personal branding – of course, you’ll need to be consistent to pull this off.

With each post, consider how your content will play into your bigger picture. Do your colors tell a story? Are your images cohesive?

Each and every image should be an accurate reflection of you!

  1. Catchy Captions

Images and videos catch the eye, but what are you doing to engage with your users after you’ve captured their attention?

Take some time to experiment with caption length, tone, and delivery to see what types of captions perform best for your audience. Of course, remember to always stay on brand and follow up any interactions with curious comments!

  1. Utilize All Features

Finally, take advantage of the unique features Instagram has to offer. Things like Instagram stories not only boost your visibility but also play into how you appeal to the algorithm.

Go live, post a trendy reel, and don’t forget to update your Instagram story highlights with compelling and interesting content!

Social Media Marketing Tips for Success

Now that you know these five digital marketing tips for Instagram, it’s time to set to work. From optimizing your profile to utilizing the unique and lucrative features on the platform, we’re confident you’ll see results you can be proud of.

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