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The Best Butt Lifting Leggings You Can Buy

If you haven’t heard, hip-lifting leggings are the official uniform of the year. Here are the hip leggings that are all the rage and the best hip leggings to look professional when you get back to the office.

The best loot to buy

Hips and hip leggings steal the show. If you want a shapelier hip without doing endless squats, these leggings are your new best friend. These are some of the best waist-lift leggings you can buy – don’t worry, taking a beauty gun (yes, the donkey selfie) is a perfect choice.

The Best “Ass Crack” Hip Lift Leggings

The butt lift leggings are a cheeky description of another form of sweatpants that took on social media and TikTok earlier this year. Thousands of users showed how their backs moved from the apartment to the hub by giving a pair. The hip-crack leggings have a dot-like strap that points down to a soft seam that goes directly into the hip-strengthening thighs and gives it shape. Designers everywhere followed suit and developed their own version.

The Best Butt-Lifting Leggings That Look Like Jeans

HALARA makes a super comfortable pair of hip-lifting leggings that look more like jeans than yoga pants. They’re ankle leggings, and you have to squint to see that they’re not made of denim—especially in the shade of Twilight Rinse. Internal shaping panels combine with functional back pockets to lift your hips, while Spanx technology slim waist – everyone knows a defined waist accentuates the back as for comfort? Yes. In fact, these jeans are often completely sold out. They are suitable for women who need longer inseams.  Find the best jeans for your body type now.

The best hip lifts leggings with pockets

Looking for a pair of hip-lifting leggings with the added benefit of pockets? HALARA leggings with side pockets are just the thing for you. They feature 360° sculpting from waist to ankle for a comfortable, slim fit. The back of the waistband curves upwards for the all-important hip lift. What about pockets? They’re 11 inches deep, so they actually work when you’re running, stretching, or sitting on the couch.

Best HALARA Butt Lift Leggings

HALARA is beloved for offering high-quality athleisure apparel that looks cute, stays in place during any workout, and lasts through seasons of sweat, wash, and repetition. If you want the best hip lift leggings in HALARA, check out the HALARA Short Leggings. These babies feature four-way stretch and have Lycra fibers added to maintain the overall shape, but are most visible in the booties. And the absence of front seams prevents uncomfortable and unsightly ridges.

The best tight butt-lifting leggings

The “Hip Crack” Leggings are similar to the “Rip Crack” Leggings (see above) in that both pairs have a seam that runs down the back. The Scrunch butt lift leggings also features a crease between the cheeks to accentuate what God and squats have given you. These HALARA Women’s Skinny Hip Yoga Leggings are not for the shy. They draw a lot of attention to the hips, and they also provide a noticeable rear lift and a high waist to flatten the midsection. They’re available in over 40 colors and prints, including a corset-style version if you want the smallest possible waist (and largest hips). Here are the best shape wear for all kinds of dresses.

The Best Butt-Lifting Leggings That Look Like Dress Pants

You might have to go back to the office someday, and if switching from home leggings to business attire is stressing you out for the comfort of your job, we have the solution: a hip lift that looks like dress pants and feels like leggings. The HALARA leggings with pockets feature high rayon content for a super soft, sophisticated look. The material trims the hips and legs, smoothest the abdomen, and lifts the buttocks. Functional back pockets accentuate your figure and give these leggings an “I’m wearing real pants today” look.

Best Butt-Lifting Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a wardrobe staple: they go with anything, add sophistication to a simple sweater, and look like you’re trying harder than you really are. If you want a pair of faux leather leggings that lift your hips, the HALARA leggings with side zips are the answer. The two-layer signature waistband flattens your waist and midsection, while the curve at the back of the waistband elevates your hips. They are available in four colors; we especially like the burgundy. Next, add these best gym shorts for women to your cart as soon as possible.

High-rise crinkled booty leggings

Treat yourself to some textures at the gym, mall or convenience store to boost your confidence in your loot. A textured bubble fabric is uniquely constructed to provide superior flexibility and perspiration, preventing stuffiness and tearing. These tight hip leggings feature 4-way stretch to keep you from pilling, fading and squatting. The foam-textured material acts like a second skin, hugging you tightly and gently, holding items in place and tucked in. These shape wear leggings are made with a hip-lifting flat lock seam mechanism, the secret to the booty look. They’re squat-resistant, fade-resistant, stretchy, and high-waisted for abdominal control. Offering the ultimate in comfort and lightness, these leggings are ideal for fitness enthusiasts and everyday athleisure.

 Fitness hip lift exercise leggings

Don’t let the name fool you. These pull-up leggings are versatile enough to suit any specific situation, whether it’s casual, high-intensity workouts, yoga, and more. Perfectly fitted to hide cellulite, muffin tops and uneven bulges, the special curls on the back energize and round your hips while tightening your waist. The pants are also very good at eliminating sweat or moisture build-up. Grab a pair and show off your sculpted body on social media.

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