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Tips to buy biker shorts

If you’re not wearing biker shorts yet, you have the opportunity to enter a whole new world of riding comfort. But for starters, that world can be a little scary. These 5 tips will help you understand what you need to know and do when buying and wearing your first pair of shoes.

  1. Why biker shorts?

If you experience any seat discomfort while riding your bike, your first thought might be to try a new seat. But a better investment might be a good pair of biker shorts with pockets. Biker shorts improve your riding comfort by providing three main benefits. First, the padding in the shorts provides a little extra cushioning between your own, um, “seat” and the bike seat. The padded area provides a smooth interface, as opposed to regular pants, and even many sports shorts, which have a seam down the middle, which makes the interface bumpy and uncomfortable. The padding is called “suede” because it was once made of suede material.

Second, bicycle shorts reduce friction by providing a comfortable fit for your ride, rather than rubbing against your skin. Third, biker shorts provide moisture management. Lycra, spandex and other technical fabrics used in biker shorts promote the movement and evaporation of sweat from the skin. The cotton used in blue jeans and other “regular” pants and shorts tends to trap moisture and keep it close to the skin, which can lead to overheating, rashes and promote bacterial growth.

  1. Choose the type of shorts that suits you

There are many types of biker shorts with pockets. The most basic type goes to your waist and then to your knees. For protection from the sun and cooler weather, you can opt for “shorts” or “3/4 shorts,” which are slightly longer and drop below the knee. Biker shorts “bib shorts” extend above your waist and have overall-like straps over your shoulders. While some may seem odd at first, once they try it, the comfort compared to regular shorts is amazing because you don’t have to worry about the shorts slipping off or the waistband rolling up. However, they are more inconvenient during half-way bathroom breaks.

Shorts with a bib-style upper are called “bib shorts”.

Biker shorts come in women’s-specific fit to better fit a woman’s body shape. Basic shorts for women are sometimes shorter in length, about mid-thigh, and some women prefer these shorts. Bib shorts, shorts and bib shorts are available in women’s specific sizes. Some women’s bib shorts have buttons that untie the straps to make bathroom breaks a little easier.

Women can also use biker “skirts,” which attach regular, skinny bike shorts to an outer, more modest-looking skirt. Baggy Biker Shorts Baggy shorts, or simply “baggies”, are biker shorts with a tight-fitting lining on the inside, but the outside that looks like regular slouchy shorts, often with convenient cargo pockets. In hot weather, the baggy shorts may be a bit warmer than regular biker shorts, but the outer layer is made of lightweight nylon or similar material and still has good ventilation and moisture management. Some Baggies have linings that are permanently sewn, while others have a removable lining. Baggy shorts are also available in shorts styles.

  1. Try before you buy

Try on different styles of shorts and find out which one you like. Keep in mind that biker shorts are designed for biker, so it will feel a little awkward when you are standing and walking around, but it will feel very different when you are on a bike. For hygiene reasons, please wear underwear when trying on biker shorts with pockets. Biker shorts do not usually come in numbered sizes like pants, but only small, medium, large, extra-large and XX-large. Put them on the eye first to make a correct guess, then scale up or down as needed when trying on them.

Try different models at different prices to find the best combination of performance and value. What is the difference between expensive bicycle shorts and expensive bicycle shorts? The cheaper shorts use original fabrics and suede sewn in one piece. Best shorts in double-breasted fabric that allows breathability. Some shorts feature flat seams on the inside for added comfort and use carefully placed fabrics for better fit and movement. Some chamois are antibacterial and show multiple layers of foam with different grain in specific areas for complete stability and comfort.

  1. Wear biker shorts correctly

Rule # 1 – You don’t wear underwear under your biker shorts. Wearing cotton underwear under your biker shorts negates all the benefits (friction control, moisture management) provided. If you have bib shorts or bib briefs, your jersey goes over the bib straps, not underneath. So if you’re wearing them correctly, no one should know you’re wearing a bib if they see you during the ride.

Most road riders prefer regular biker shorts, while mountain bikers prefer Baggies because the outer layer provides some extra protection from weeds and thorns. It’s mostly a matter of tradition though, and you can wear whatever you like, whether you’re a road rider or a mountain biker. After riding, change out of biker shorts and shower or bathe as soon as possible. While even the best shorts are moisture-wicking, chamois can become a breeding ground for bacteria after a long day of riding, which can lead to saddle sores and other unpleasant problems.

  1. Take care of your shorts

Check the product label for proper care instructions, but in most cases, if you wash your biker shorts in cold water on a delicate cycle, then hang or lay them flat to dry, you’ll be fine. Harsh detergents and bleaches can shorten the life of fabrics, while fabric softeners can “clog” the material and hinder its ability to absorb moisture and perspiration.

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