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Tips for Choosing the Right Tennis Skirt

Today’s tennis skirts are more stylish and functional than short skirts, and there are various factors to consider when choosing. Tennis skirts are not only made from a variety of materials, but are individually designed based on factors such as cut, waistband and length. And, there are many more; women who are interested in purchasing tennis pants, as it is not only worn when playing tennis but also during other activities such as running, hiking and kayaking. With such a large market for tennis skirts, it’s clear that culottes from its manufacturers vary in design and material, making it difficult for some women to choose.

Things to Consider When Buying Tennis Pants

Tennis pants come in two main styles, but in a variety of colors. They have skirts with built-in panties and skirts with built-in shorts. While tennis skirts and skirts come in different styles, it’s up to you to choose what style and type of tennis apparel you like to wear while you play.


The culottes cut is the first element to consider, as tennis skirts often have A-line, straight and pleated cuts. A-line skirts are popular because they don’t fit snugly around the legs, so they’re quite a compliment to most people. While straight skirts do tend to fit snugly around the legs, they offer more freedom of movement than A-line skirts because they have slits. The pleated skirt is considered a basic and classic tennis skirt cut, where the kick pleats result in the pleated skirt having the most fabric.

Fabric used

The fabrics used to make tennis clothing have changed a lot since tennis skirts were made. Today’s skirts are made with high-performance polyester fabrics that prove worthy of keeping athletes cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Of course, cotton tennis skirts are also available, but they are not as cool or stretchy as the polyester versions. Also, women prefer to buy polyester tennis skirts because they dry faster than cotton tennis skirts.


Tennis skirts are also chosen based on the waistband, which can be elastic or belted. The function of an elastic waist is usually elastic, which is why skirts with elastic bands are easier and more comfortable to wear. Conversely, while the strap design is stiffer to wear, it does provide a more secure feel when worn. The waistbands of elastic and banded skirts have different widths. While many people consider flat and wide fit to be more comfortable and stylish, women with a fuller body are less comfortable to wear.

Built-in shorts

The shorts used in tennis skirts are identified as compression shorts or simply shorts. They are called compression shorts because they are snug and very similar in appearance and style to cycling shorts. There are also tennis skirts with other types of shorts that don’t fit you, and even shorts with pockets that come in handy for holding the tennis ball. Of course, even a short skirt with compression shorts can easily and safely slip the ball under its fabric, as compression shorts by nature don’t move as much and don’t stand up like other shorts. Since there are many different types of shorts with different functions when making tennis skirts, it is important to always read the description of the short skirt before purchasing. Make sure the shorts you buy go with the comfort shorts you want.


The length of the skirt is another consideration when shopping for a tennis skirt. Most tennis skirt manufacturers produce tennis skirts that vary not only in styles but also in lengths. For most styles, skirt length averages between 11 and 15 inches, measured from the waist of the skirt to the bottom of the center back.


As we all know, white is a common color for tennis suits. It has been used since the early history of modern tennis because it hides sweat stains more effectively. In fact, white is still the classic color choice on tennis courts, which is why Wimbledon still maintains a tennis white dress code for players. However, it’s hard to keep white, especially cotton white, spotless. This is why athletes who wear raw white are considered privileged athletes. In fact, with the exception of Wimbledon and some other private tennis clubs, colored clothing is permitted and accepted on the court. While Wimbledon players are still required to wear white, participating players can wear stylish tennis skirts by top designers. That’s why you can now find tennis skirts in a variety of colors. The different available fabrics and colors used in the manufacture of tennis skirts result in so many types and design to choose from.


When choosing a tennis skirt, its apparent size is important because no one wants to buy a skirt that is too big or too small to wear! As with any other clothing type, tennis skirt sizes vary by brand. This is why you need to measure your waist and hip measurements first so that you can choose the right tennis pants for yourself in a specific brand. Get a tape measure, even a long string and a ruler will work if you don’t have one. Measure the narrowest part of your waist to get your waist measurement, while your hip measurement is the fullest part of your butt. Once you have your measurements, use the size charts that most major brands and stores have on their websites to help you choose the right shorts for you. Interestingly, even the terminology for a tennis skirt or skirt varies from brand to brand. While Fila and Adidas refer to skirts with built-in shorts as skirts, other brands such as Nike offer skirts with built-in shorts and skirts at the same time. So, when looking for and researching tennis skirts, be prepared and understand what both terms mean.

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