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Ladies Biker Shorts Buying Guide

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your riding comfort is to put on good quality biker shorts. Why do you need special biker shorts? One of the main reasons is that most regular shorts, even those designed for sports like running, have seams inside. And, when you’re sitting on a bike seat, those seams just get in the way, and they can cause chafing and numbness. Additionally, sports shorts and casual shorts are not breathable, moisture-wicking or protective, nor do they support the major muscles used for pedaling.

This is why the most common saddle discomfort problems disappear once you start riding in biker shorts, and why they are so popular. And, the best news is that modern women’s biker shorts come in a variety of styles and fashions, from basic spandex styles to casual and versatile bags, to leggings and shorts, and even skirts, biker skirts for bottoms and shorts. Plus, you can choose from basic black, logo prints that make you look like a pro, and a variety of shades and styles that go perfectly with your favorite jerseys, gloves and socks.

Main Features

In addition to style and style, all of our women’s shorts are functional pieces with impressive features designed to maximize your comfort. These refined touches may include an anatomical fit for a custom feel, best-in-class freedom of movement for easier pedaling, stretch panels to compress and support muscles, sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics to keep you dry, leg clips to secure shorts, pockets, And a women’s-specific protective pad (called “suede”) that prevents chafing, reduces riding vibrations, and is antibacterial. Some shorts even include reflective details for safety.

It all means you’ll say goodbye to discomfort and start enjoying more riding. And your shorts will become an integral part of your biker wardrobe. Plus, a good pair of women’s biker shorts is easy to wear for several seasons, making it a great value for money. We have a wide selection of women’s biker shorts and look forward to showing you and letting you try on our favorites. You will be impressed. Until then, here are some basic tips for choosing a good pair of shoes.

All types

With so many companies offering a woman’s biker shorts, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you and your body. Because they are so comfortable, skinny spandex/lycra fabrics are one of the most popular styles. They come in a variety of styles, designs, and inseam lengths, all offering excellent freedom of movement, muscle support, and often moisture-wicking and padding. Baggies, leggings and skirts provide great coverage and style, perfect for the after-work office, lounging at the burrito shop, and more.

In addition, there are shorts designed for indoor biker (Spinning). These have a mini chamois because it’s actually better for this type of riding as you’re more likely to sit and spin rather than move around like you would on an outdoor ride. There are also triathlon shorts that also have smaller triangular suede made of fleece or thin foam that dries quickly, provides comfort on the bike, and doesn’t interfere with your legs and friction while running. Note that 3-in-1 seats usually have more padding, so shorts can have less padding.

When you sit on the bike, you bend at your waist, lean forward and bend your legs to pedal. To accommodate this unique position, biker shorts are often contoured to match. The back is slightly higher than the front, the legs are long enough to not ride up, and the shorts are cut to follow your curves.

Manufacturers accomplish this in a number of ways. You may find shorts made up of panels, contoured shorts, and anatomical models. Also, some models have welded seam construction. In terms of materials, the tights can use basic spandex, nylon, Lycra, or other proprietary fabrics that increase freedom of movement, breathability, and support. In Baggies designed for off-road and everyday riding, you’ll see outer shorts with tougher fabrics to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, and often have pockets to store small essentials. Baggies also sometimes have padded mesh panties, vents, and gussets for added durability.


Perhaps the best reason for biker shorts is the padding that most models offer. Often referred to as “suede”, it lines the crotch area and adds a protective layer between you and your seat, preventing excessive friction and heat, eliminating chafing, absorbing road and trail vibration, and wicking moisture wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. Women’s shorts have padding designed for your anatomy, but you should still try on the shorts to see how it works for you. There are different shapes, fill thicknesses and materials.

Depending on how upright or reclined you sit, the speed of the pedals, the distance you ride, the type of ride, and even the seat you ride, you’ll prefer certain types of pads over others. You want the padding to fit so you don’t sit on the edge. The softest part should be under your sit bones. The padding should be thick enough for comfort, but not so thick that you experience a bulky “diaper” feel that actually interferes with stepping.

The filler also shouldn’t have any wrinkles or bunching, as this can create friction and cause painful bumps. The padding (suede) has become impressively high tech over the years. For example, you may find some with 3-way and 4-way stretch for great fit and feel, perforations for excellent moisture management, gel inserts and cuts to protect sensitive areas, and multi-layered and multi-density padding thing. As mentioned, there are even mini-styles for triathlons and indoor bikes. We’re excited to show you these features and recommend the ones we think are right for cyclists like you. You will really enjoy the right padding for a more comfortable ride.

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