Are you experiencing poor car mileage? Here are some reasons

Sometimes, you have to pay a lot for fuel consumption and you end up asking yourself “why is my car not showing high mileage?”

Poor mileage is bothersome because it doesn’t mean the fuel is draining but also breaking your bank. If you are noticing poor gas mileage, below are some reasons for it. However, remember that if your car doesn’t show any improvements even after having all the steps taken, you must get the scrap car removals in Brisbane

You have not changed air filters in awhile:

Air filters allow your engine to suck in air and provide power to your vehicle. When the air filter is worn out and needs replacement, it will not allow your car’s engine to breathe. In order to compensate for this, the engine will have to do more work which will consequently cause more fuel consumption. It is recommended that you change the air filter of the car after it has covered the distance of 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

You don’t use correct engine oil:

Just like any other parts of the car, the engine also needs lubrication. Some people believe that they should use thicker oil for their engine as it will never leak from the engine. In reality, the thick engine has more potential to get into internal seals and wreak havoc to the car’s engine. 

You should use specially formulated engine oil that your car needs. The viscosity or density of the engine should be checked so that it does not affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. 

When you use a motor oil which keeps the engine of your car lubricated and well protected, you increase the life of the engine and make it work even more smoothly when you choose to change the motor oil after regular intervals.

Tires of your car are not well inflated:

When tires are under inflated, they increase the rolling resistance of the tire. Considering this, all the modern cars are coming with an automatic system that informs the driver about the pressure of air in the tires so that incorrect inflation can be corrected and mileage of the car can be improved. If your car is consuming more fuel than before and you are unable to figure out the root cause of this problem, you are recommended to check your tires even if they are new.

Brakes are worn out:

Majority of us don’t know that if brakes are worn out or exhausted, they can also impact the gas mileage. if the caliper of the brakes is struck, it will provide resistance to your vehicle in moving forward. As a result, it will put more force on the engine and fuel efficiency will be low. Do the thor​ough inspection of the brakes at least every 2 years. You must not forget to get the brakes plate checked every six months to ensure safety on the road.

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