Are You Ready To Find A Freelance Job

Are You Ready To Find A Freelance Job?

Finding a remote job seems like a dream for many people: and in reality, it is close to that for a percentage of those who look hard enough. In the past-pandemic era, working from home is an ever more popular solution, and also way more achievable and convenient. There is a reason Zoom’s shares almost tripled since 2020. It’s simple: online communications are the norm now, and they are here to stay. And so is earning your living right from the comfort of your home.

But to do that, you have to actively look, search and filter at the same time what suits your criteria and what doesn’t fit at all. What are your expectations? Entry positions are widely available, as they are all over the globe, but they also pay the entry salary. Are you a skilled professional? A market that is online, and you will be able to find a job for your expertise. But are you ready to find a remote job, and keep working at it? Make sure it’s not a moment of passion because while it does have many benefits and perks, there are also downsides and caveats not every freelancer talks about.

Make Sure It Fits You, And Not The Other Way Around

Are you tired of the rigid hours, your 9-5, spending time on the commute, and having close to zero freedom in choosing your own life? Yes, any of these can be acceptable reasons for online jobs or even freelance. Do you want to be your own boss, or at least have a wide array of bosses to choose from? That’s an option too.

But in the real world, you have to genuinely ask yourself, is it the job you are working that you don’t like, or do you have a sincere desire to work from home? People get these confused all the time, yet it’s highly understandable if they have never tried remote positions.

It’s still working. Let’s take a look at an example. If you are a programmer, you are going to do more or less the same thing. Except that it’s in your pajamas, in front of your own computer, and in the morning you get an awkward coffee meeting via your camera and microphone, and you have to pretend you are wearing something besides your button-down. All jokes aside here is how to find out if this venture is RIGHT for YOU:

Freelance Is…

On a philosophical note, you are to an extent working for yourself. You don’t have one boss or many higher-ups, you are a contract person hired to do a certain job, and not much else. It’s a flexible way of earning your living, but with that also come all of the risks attached. Let’s say you finished a project you have been working on in the past weeks or even months. What now? Hopefully, companies are looking for you, and you already signed an offer or two for your next vocation.

It’s definitely not for highly anxious or stressed individuals. With freelance, you will have to embrace both the high-tide and the low-periods. Sometimes you will get clients who stick around, but you are still a hire-on employee. You set your own day/project/per hour rate, and if your expectations match, Voila, you are earning as much as you want. It’s crucial to form high-quality business relations in this case and make yourself known as a lucrative worker.

A colleague of mine from the Emirates has recently shared an excellent piece: it covers every aspect of finding a job as a web developer (which he is), either in freelance or a full-time position. I think it’s great for any aspiring remote worker because all the principles apply to whatever career you can think of, not only programmers. Head straight to to give it a look, and translate it as I did with a few simple clicks in your browser. It’s definitely worth the read.

A Short List Of Pros And Cons

You will soon realize that if you are determined and equipped with the right tools, it is quick and simple to start out. The person who decides who to work for and with is YOU, and you are in charge of doing everything to succeed. Don’t see the point of these absurdly pointless meetings that could have been a few messages on Trello, or even an email? Don’t.

However, the biggest challenge that will come soon lies within you as well. Discipline and staying on the productive side are key to your success. When you are your own boss, that means you motivate yourself, make sure you stay on track and keep organized. If you are not able to play these parts yet, you are not ready. Here is a more expansive version.

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