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Auxano Brow And Lash Serum – All You Need to Know

The beauty industry has increased so much, and with the expanding number of products available, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. Botox has become very common nowadays, and every other woman either has it or wants to go for it. Getting thicker and fuller lashes is every girl’s dream, but going for botox does not seem safe. There are alternative options, like essential oils and castor oils, but they do not yield results early and take a lot of time. The change that comes with these is also not visible, so everyone wants something quick and safe living in a world where everything is going fast. Aseir Custom has realized the problems by introducing Auxano Brow and Lash Serum, which helps to regrow your eyebrows and eyelashes quickly, and the change is visible within a month.

Why Choose Auxano Brow And Lash Serum?

The first question that comes to everybody’s mind is why they should get Auxano Brow and Lash serum while there are a variety of other serums in the market with cheaper rates. It is made with harmless chemicals, so it won’t harm your skin or hair growth, while the different products you get at a more affordable price might harm your skin or cause a reaction. It has no harmful chemicals and is gentle on the skin. You can flaunt your natural beauty using this serum and show the real you without going for expensive treatments or tattoos for your browser. Although other brands claim to have certain things, those are false labels, so you should choose Auxano Brow and Lash serum without worrying about your skin, as it is made for all skin types.


  • Easy To Use

Auxano Brow and Lash serum are easy to use, and you don’t need rocket science. You can use it in just two steps. First, you must remove your makeup, so the area around your eye is clean. Then apply the serum to your lash line and your eyebrows and allow it to dry. Use it daily so that you can get the best results.

  • Effective High Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in Auxano Brow and Lash serum are very effective and high quality. It contains Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, the critical component to help your lashes and eyebrows grow. The Vitis Vinifera cell culture extracts in it to reduce inflammation so that your lashes can grow. It also has glycerin, which helps keep the water in the eyelashes and eyebrows so that they are soft and hydrated.

  • Safe To Use

Auxano Brow and Lash serum is free from harmful chemicals, so you can use it quickly and without worrying about its harmful effects. With the healing power of peptides, it helps to regrow your lashes and eyebrows in a short period. Even for people who have lost their lashes due to one reason or the other, this serum helps them to regrow at a faster rate and without

  • Fast Results

As other natural remedies take a lot of time, this serum doesn’t. You get the results within a week, and it never disappoints. You don’t have to worry about the number of oils you need to use as this is all in one, and putting a few drops can do the magic. It will save you time and make your lashes and brows thicker in some weeks.

  • Permanent Results

The best thing about Auxano Brow and Lash serum is that once you use it, the results exist permanently. Unlike other products whose effects remain for the period you use them, everything vanishes as soon as you discontinue using them. This is not the case with this amazing serum, as even if you stop using it, the lashes and brows won’t go back and remain there until some serious underlying condition is not present.

  • No Excessive Greasiness

The most irritating thing about using brow and lash serums is that they leave greasiness after use, which troubles many people. Auxano serum does not leave any greasiness when appropriately applied, as you get a natural feeling which makes you relax.


Although Auxano Eyebrow and Eyelash is the best serum and has almost zero to no side effects, the hair might grow beyond the lash line if it is not applied correctly. So while using, you must be careful that it is spoiled to tell the area where you want your brows or lashes to grow. The same is the case for eyebrows as it grows hair, so you might get some extra on the area you apply, which might be irritating. Read the instructions and follow the steps to get what you want.


Eyelashes and eyebrows play an essential role in the beauty of every person. Everyone wants to look better with the ongoing trend of long, thick lashes with beautiful brows. Microblading, done for eyebrows, is tricky as you have to ensure that no sweat is around the area for ten days, and you cannot go out in sunlight. The lash extensions which have become common nowadays need a professional to do it; otherwise, they might go wrong. To avoid all these problems, Auxano Brow and Lash serum is there with the help of which you get the best results in a short period. Your hair regrows, and you can even see the new ones after applying the serum daily for a month. The results are visible; the best thing is that it does not harm your skin or hair. Get your hands on this serum if you want to have beautiful brows and lashes.


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