B2B Email Lead Generation

B2B Email Lead Generation: Why It Works and What to Send

Email marketing lead generation isn’t dead like some people think. The email was and is an essential part of online communication, especially if we’re talking b2b. New techniques are used like apps (LeadFeeder, etc.), email templates, and email lead generation services like BrightestMinds.io at brightestminds.io/buy-email-leads/. But the essence is the same.

And this is what we’re going to talk about in this lead gen themed article.

Why Use an Email Lead Generation Agency

Email marketing lead generation is an effective yet tricky process. You may need professional help to make sure your marketing strategy and sourcing are effective and successful.

Even if it’s an easy newsletter, make sure you cooperate with expert services like BrightestMinds.io. Since 2017, the team of 50+ enthusiasts has generated over half a million unique leads and sent over 1,5 million outbound emails. Through them, companies all around the world have brought their email lead generation online to a higher level.

Why Email Marketing Leads Are a Great Source for B2B Contacts Improvement

Generation of leads via email might sound like something ancient to many people. Emailing is a good way to stay in touch with the existing leads, not looking for new ones. However, every business can benefit from it.

Keep in mind that if someone gave you their email, it doesn’t mean they are open to cooperation or can become a lead. But if you implement a wise marketing strategy, chances are that person will become a prospect and bring others as well.

B2B email marketing is an amazing thing for persuading potential partners and buyers to do what you need. The email content is unique and brings many benefits compared to other ways of getting leads, according to professionals from BrightestMinds.io. It offers a sense of one-on-one communication, honest and productive.

What Emails Are Suitable for Such a Lead Gen Campaign

Here’s what you should do to achieve results:

  1. Create something that people interested in your product might need and want to get for free;
  2. Upload it onto your website and ask for a name and email before the download. This gives you consent from the user to send emails to them, which is very important;
  3. Send an introductory email with words of gratitude for taking interest in the resource;
  4. Wait for several days and send a reminder about yourself, asking how they liked the report, book, podcast, etc. Provide information about the products the person may need;
  5. Continue by creating a CTA (call to action) that will smoothly develop a lead from a simply interested visitor;
  6. If there’s no reply, consider sending several more emails, say, one per week. Continue to promote your products and/or services, but don’t get aggressive. Consider offering a discount on the 3rd email;
  7. If there’s no reply at all, stop emailing that person until they appear again.

Some automated email chains can be unlimited and stopped only if the recipient chooses to unsubscribe. Always leave such an option; it’s very important to follow the rules.

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