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Types of Storage Shelving for Commercial Spaces

The speed and quality of the staff performance in the busy professional kitchens of food establishments largely depend on the arrangement of the working space, which cannot be properly done without storage shelving. Such a purchase will solve lots of storage issues, deliver an array of amazing benefits, and facilitate a daily working routine. Storage shelving is the most convenient construction for maximizing space capacity. All frequently-used objects, utensils, kitchen tools, boxes with products, ingredients, bulky items can be placed there with hassle-free access. And nothing will prevent you from quickly reaching them. It will drastically accelerate all food prep processes. Thus, employees won’t waste valuable time on seeking the necessary stuff needed for cooking, knowing that everything is located in one spot in the kitchen. The working zone equipped with versatile and steady storage shelving is one of the components of the successful operation of your restaurant, bakery, cafe, etc.

In addition, the stainless steel from which the racks, shelving kits, and other space-savers are made is a strong and durable material that is not impervious to high humidity conditions and won’t deform due to low and high temperatures. More advantages of stainless steel equipment are:

  • easy to care for, clean, and maintain;
  • environmental friendliness and compliance with sanitary standards are guaranteed;
  • corrosion, mold, excessive moisture won’t destroy the integrity.

There is no possibility of various cracks and holes appearing in stainless steel furniture (as, for example, in wooden equipment). This, in turn, not only staves off the appearance of fungus and unpleasant odors but also reduces the likelihood of growing and spreading dangerous bacteria and harmful microorganisms that can affect the health and the quality of served meals.

Storage solutions to enhance kitchen staff performance

Storage shelving can have a different number of shelves and levels, adjustable to the required height. Most often they are located in storage rooms, placed along the wall or around the entire perimeter. But apart from standard shelves with several tiers, there are more solutions for storing products and tools which is very crucial for establishments that care about the quality of cooked dishes, the speed of completing tasks in the kitchen, and compliance with ergonomic requirements that contribute to a smooth workflow. These top picks are:

  • Commercial racks for baked goods: such racks are intended for fast cooling of the pan or baked goods, ensuring excellent air circulation.
  • Dunnage racks to keep products off the floor: such an option will not only promote hygiene but also will help you to smartly organize space.
  • Wall metal storage shelving units to use vertical spaces: you can keep heavy-weight appliances within the reach and other items you want to have at hand on the vertical wall shelves.

You will be able to find a corrosion-proof kitchen rack and shelving for the restaurant taking into account individual needs and the area features in the AmGoodSupply catalog. There, you can find equipment of exceptional quality and well-thought-out, strong, and wear-resistant metal structures with long service life. Only stainless steel of the highest quality is used in the production. You have an opportunity to order a rack of the required configuration and other equipment, such as commercial tables or sinks.

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