Back Acne: Lifestyle Changes to Improve Skin Health

Skin problems amongst youngsters can inculcate anxiety. The individual remains anxious and lacks confidence People with acne or other skin issues can confer with the best dermatologist in Karachi. The specialist will conduct relevant tests to detect the cause of the disease and treat it accordingly. A smooth and clear skin helps the individual remain confident and productive, leading to personal and professional growth.

What are the Known Causes of Back Acne?

The known causes of back acne are:

  • Role of Genetics: Individuals with family members suffering from face r body acne are at a higher risk of developing the condition.
  • A side-Effect of Medications: People taking antidepressants can notice that they are developing back acne. It is due to the side-effect of the medication.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Women may suffer from back acne due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy and menstruation. The condition gets better after the woman has given birth.
  • Environmental Factors: Sweat can cause an acne breakout. People who live in hot weather are at a higher risk of suffering from acne and related skin problems. Therefore, taking a shower and wearing loose clothes are beneficial in reducing redness, sweating, and acne.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Stress related to personal and professional life can affect the physical and psychological health of an individual. People who remain anxious can suffer from skin-related problems, incusing back acne.

How can an individual get rid of Back Acne?

The steps that can help the person notice a visible change in their acne problem are:

  • Prioritize Exfoliating: People with a higher risk of back acne should use a scrub with salicylic acid to exfoliate. It will help remove the dead skin and reduce the chances of clogging the pores which can lead to acne. Exfoliating at least three times a week can help the person notice visible betterment in their skin texture and acne problem.
  • Shower After Engaging in Extreme Physical Activities: Sweat helps the dirt to accumulate on the skin and become the reason for back acne. Therefore, people who work out or work outdoors should shower daily. It helps reduce the chances of back acne and related sin issues.
  • Say No to Tight Clothes: Tight-fitting clothes can cause sweating and accumulation of dirt. Additionally, it can irritate the skin and cause rashes. Therefore, people must avoid wearing tight clothes in the summer. It can cause acne breakout or even worsen the condition. Loose-fitting clothes let the air pass and reduce the chances of sweating and rubbing dirt on the skin.
  • Use Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil help kill bacteria and reduce the chances of acne breakout. People can apply a few drops of oil on their back and face to protect their skin.
  • Try to Keep the Hair Off the Back: The oil in the hair can cause an acne breakout. People should avoid using conditioner and shampoo every day as some ingredients can cause clogging in the pores. People should make a bun on their work to reduce sweating and acne breakout.
  • Monitor Your Diet: Processed food can sugary items can cause blood sugar levels and trigger acne. People with acne problems should avoid consuming bread, pasta, and chips to improve their skin health. Also, eating vegetables and fruits can help improve skin health.
  • Choose an Oil-Free Sunscreen: People who sear backless should always wear sunscreen. However, the person should invest in water-based sunscreen to avoid the accumulation of oil and dirt on the skin, which can cause back acne.

People with back acne should seek medical help from a dermatologist at National Hospital & Medical Centre. The specialist will evaluate the severity of the condition and identify the cause. The doctor will guide them regarding lifestyle modifications that can improve their skin health and avoid further complications. The smooth and bright skin helps an individual function adequately in every aspect of life due to an increase in self-confidence.


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