Why You Should Use SIPP for Your Underground Trenchless Pipe Repair

Whether it’s a home, business, or city, the pipes that allow fresh water to flow in and wastewater to flow out are important to everyday living. When something goes wrong such as a pipe collapsing or tree roots creating a clog, it can disrupt life and revenues.

SIPP technology is a great way for these entities to fix pipes quickly without the massive expense, time, and emotional distress of standard pipe repair. Learn all about Spray-in-place pipes and how they can help you with your plumbing problems.

It’s the hassle-free way of taking care of your broken pipes.

Traditional Method of Fixing Pipes

A nightmare has begun as the pipes to your home, business, or city street collapse causing clogging, backup, and water contamination. What do you do?

The traditional method involved a backhoe digging a massive trench hoping to find the problem. If it’s part of a home plumbing system, then it can be easy. If it’s a city street filled with aging and leaking pipes, then it can be a financial nightmare as they play a game of hit or miss.

Meanwhile, homeowners are on a boil order or without water entirely. The process of finding the pipe and replacing the damaged pipe takes time and is very expensive. SIPP provides you with a non-intrusive alternative.

What is SIPP?

The key to SIPP technology is that it’s trenchless. Traditional repair of piping required large swathes of area to be dug up and that could interrupt daily life for days. This isn’t the case with SIPP.

The company uses closed-circuit television cameras to enter the pipe and find out exactly where the problem lies. Since they know exactly where the problem is, the need for digging is reduced and minimized as they create a bore hole through valve junctions.

With this technology, the pipe isn’t replaced but repaired using a spray liner. This is perfect for cities and homes that may have older pipes, but don’t want to go through the cost or replacement.

The pipe is cleaned using high-pressure water or by scrapping. The epoxy coating lines the pipe, closing any leaks or holes and the pipe is good as new once cured.

Benefits of Spray-in-Place Piping

There are significant cost savings because of the lack of excavation. The epoxy coating also keeps the pipe from corroding and reduces biological buildup.

The pipes, which are usually past their prime, get years of new life and water flows better than ever. SIPP doesn’t take days to fix like excavation and many times it allows people reduce life disruption.

Cities, businesses, and residences understand the many benefits of this technology and it’s quickly becoming the industry standard.

Fix Your Pipes Today

Don’t let a damaged or collapsed pipe be a massive expense that takes days to fix. SIPP technology is ideal for everyone from large cities to small homes. It can save you money and reduce downtime.

If you’re interested in learning more about this technology, then explore our site.

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