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Beginner’s guide to creating your own CBD cream

CBD Cream Canada is everywhere and is selling out as much as all the other CBD related products that infest the alternative medicine market of plenty of countries. While most of the products leave thousands of costumers satisfied they can be very expensive and thus hard to use as a regular treatment if you’re on a budget. Ailments like chronic pain (which sometimes is caused as a symptom of more severe diseases like cancer) need to be addressed with a constant remedy.

Luckily is not that complicated to start making your own CBD Cream Canada and either use it for your personal needs or engage on an entrepreneurship and start your own brand. In this article we will go over some of the options you have to manufacture your own product; which ingredients to use, how to incorporate CBD into the recipe and some other useful tips:

The main ingredients

CBD isolate will be the better choice for incorporating CBD into your product, make sure to get quality product that is lab tested and is produced in optimal conditions.

Besides CBD, the most important component of your product will be the base cream. There are many pre-mixed options on the market and you can even venture in mixing your own using a combination of cocoa butter, a vegetable oil and other ingredients to create the desired texture and scent of the cream (although that process will not be covered in this article).

Next step would be to decide which anti-inflammatory ingredients and herbs you want to incorporate into your product. There are many essential oils known for their healing properties like lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. Arnica oil is a good choice because of its anti-inflammatory and wound healing capabilities.

Finally, adding a counterirritant into the mix will add that cooling sensation that is going to help to distract the user from the actual pain. Menthol is one of the most popular choices because of its minty scent and pleasing cold sensation when in moderate doses.

The mixing process

One of the few investments you will need to create your CBD Cream Canada product is going to be a cream mixer. Depending on the volume and quantity you want to produce (as well as the number of ingredients you want to blend in) will depend on which size and potency of mixer will be best for you.

Keep in mind that the ingredients need to be warm enough to melt and blend with each other so it is best if you get a mixer with an integrated heating system.

After the blending process is complete make sure to pour the mix into the desired container (either a plastic or glass jar) while it is still hot because it will solidify as it gets colder and it will be harder to manage into the containers.

Further tips and precautions

Proportions of the ingredients may vary according to how intense you want the effects to be. In average you will find in a 2 ounce jar around 500 to 1000 milligrams of CBD, although you may find products that go higher or lower and are targeted for specific regions of the skin. Menthol should be particularly handled with care otherwise the cooling sensation could become overwhelming and more detrimental than helpful for the applicant.

Most importantly, try different mixes of CBD cream Canada before moving onto producing a larger batch of a specific mix. Try on yourself and people close to you to get a wider perspective and constructive feedback, and don’t hesitate to try to replicate formulas that you’ve tried before or that seem to work well. Have fun!

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