Wax Warmers

Beginners Guide to Wax Warmers

Walking down the candle aisle used to be much easier. Aromas were simple, allowing you to pick a fragrance you liked and be on your way. Then companies began adding complex scents, so you started to smell samples to find something enjoyable. Now, we have taken it another step further and added in wax melts. If you find yourself asking what these are and how they are different, you are not alone.

What Are Wax Warmers?

Wax warmers are containers that have a heater below a tray to melt blocks of wax. They are a safe alternative to candles, as they release fragrance without flame or soot. They operate off of electricity instead of lighting a wick. Many prefer warmers to candles because they will not cause property damage from the soot, and there is less fire risk. Just like a candle, the fragrance is released as the wax melts. While warmers and wax melts will vary, most will allow you to reuse melted wax a couple of times before you need to replace it for a fresh aroma.

What Can be Put in Warmers?

Despite what you read on the internet about needing specific wax brands for your warmer, any type of wax will work. However, you will need to make sure you know what size of melt it can handle. Warmers are a great way to sample different scents without spending a lot of money, or you can create your own combinations with kits sold in craft stores.

Are Wax Warmers and Candle Warmers the Same?

Wax warmers and candle warmers may sound like the same product. However, candle warmers are designed to handle large blocks of wax. They are generally a tray with an electronic heating element that allows you to enjoy a candle without lighting the wick. You still get the benefits of the scent without the dangers of a flame. The downside is it shortens the lifespan of the candle. With wax warmers, you are only melting a small amount of wax at a time. The scent will last longer, but candle warmers can be used as an overall heating plate for other purposes.

Cleaning Wax Warmers

While wax can be dumped back into a container while melted, it is still ideal to clean the warmer for the longest life possible. As soon as you turn the warmer off, pour the hot wax into a mold or glass jar for collection. If your warmer does not have a removable tray, you will want to wait until the wax is completely cooled before removing it. You can also use cotton balls to absorb the hot liquid wax but take caution not to burn yourself in the process. After your warmer is cool, you will want to clean the tray with a gentle cleanser and cloth.

Warmers are a safe alternative for people who love the aromatic homes that candles provide. When shopping for wax melts UK, you will want to read the ingredients to ensure they do not include paraffin or benzene. You can often find discounts when you purchase in bulk but consider mixing melts for unique scents. The possibilities are limitless.

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