5 Careers You Would Not Have Been Able to Pursue 10 Years Ago – Because They Did Not Exist

As children, most of us did a lot of thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Wishes and abilities change over the years, of course, and a large fraction of people become something completely different but hopefully equally satisfying as the job they dreamt about in their childhood.

Technology, however, changed our world significantly and at a rather fast pace. On the job market, that means that today there are many occupations that we could not dream about when we were kids because they simply did not exist at the time.

Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut but look at you now as an SEO specialist. Or your sister was certain she would be a doctor, and now she is an amazing App developer. Let us take a look at the top five careers that did not exist ten years ago.

Social Media Manager

A person who works as a Social media manager is someone who manages a company’s social media accounts. Their job is to plan and implement the social media strategy, hence increasing brand awareness as well as sales, of course.

When it became clear that Facebook was a new type of media and Instagram was at its beginning, some companies realized their marketing potential. But in the beginning, different members of already existing marketing teams were taking care of this. With time and the growth of social media, it became necessary to have one person whose sole responsibility is social media marketing.

This can be a challenging position because to do this job successfully, you have to be a marketer, a copywriter, but also a designer, and even a customer support rep when necessary. So, it can be very challenging but incredibly dynamic as well. Sadly, the salary is not as high as one would expect knowing all the responsibilities.

Online croupier

An online croupier or live dealer, as it is also called, is one of those occupations that existed in the offline world and now they moved to the online one as well. The job description is pretty much the same as the croupier in a brick-and-mortar casino, it’s just the online croupier sits in front of the camera, and the blackjack is played through a live stream.

This type of blackjack is actually one of the most popular online casino games. For someone who already has experience as an “offline” dealer, it should not be too hard to learn how to do this job. Many even had to because of the 2020 pandemic, when everything that could, started functioning online. All you need is some grasp of technology.

For someone without previous experience, becoming an online croupier would require, of course, technology knowledge, at least 21 years of age, no criminal record, and an outgoing and interactive personality. As for practical knowledge, one should definitely know casino rules and brush up on the casino terminology. Some ability to improvise might also come in handy if technology does not function as well as it should.

App Developer

How many times per day do you hear: oh, there is an app for that? Since they first appeared in 2008, the apps have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. We need them for both practical things and fun, and for so many of us, it is hard to remember how we functioned without them.

App developers do exactly what their name suggests, they create apps using codes and their goal is to create the best possible one, with the help of app designers and user experience designers. To do this job you definitely need a computer science background, but most of them are satisfied with their salary.

Blockchain developer

While blockchain technology was created just to support cryptocurrency, since its high levels of versatility and security caught the attention of businesses as well as the government, it has been put to many other uses. For example, it is utilized in payment processing and money transfers, as well as in retail loyalty rewards programs.

A blockchain developer as an occupation is, of course, as new as this type of technology. A special set of skills is needed for this job: cryptography, smart contracts, data structures, blockchain architecture, web development. It might sound like a lot, but it is a new occupation and everyone still has a lot to learn. For sure, as it develops more, it will be easier for those who started learning it early on.


As the last on our list, we decided to mention an occupation that was not created because technology created a need for it, but rather because of the situation with climate change and the environment in general.

Rewilders are people who reclaim land for nature by taking back unnecessary infrastructure built by mankind. Of course, people have been planting trees and creating green spaces in the previous centuries as well, but now it is much more complex because their job essentially is to find a proper balance between the necessity of human activity and sustaining nature.

To become a rewilder, one can have an environmental degree, but it is not mandatory. One can simply be passionate about saving our planet and eager to learn. This should suffice.

Final thoughts

There are, of course, many other occupations that did not exist ten years ago, but we tried to make a selection of the ones that are the most interesting as well as among the most wanted currently.

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