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5 Major Benefits of Joining a Podcast Network

Starting a show with podcast network hosting is highly beneficial. You focus on curating great content while your network promotes corporate podcast ideas. They will also handle sponsorship offers and how to reach more audiences. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re new to network hosting, keep reading as we explore the complete benefits of joining a podcast network. We also discuss how to join these podcasting networks. 

What is a podcast network? 

Podcast networks are a collection of shows hosted under one umbrella company that works to distribute, market and secure sponsorship deals for member podcasts. Since they belong to a bigger company, it’s conventional for the podcasts to belong to similar niches or have the same targeted audiences.

It helps develop targeted ads and improve profit and monetization techniques. But how do you join a podcast network? 

Requirements: How do podcast networks work? 

Before learning how to record a podcast with an umbrella company, it is important to note the requirements and costs involved. Most podcast networks only want established podcasters with some authority and potential to earn huge revenues. 

The number of downloads for each episode and the frequency of upload schedules usually define these. For example, your preferred podcast network might require a minimum of 1000 downloads for each episode. 

Are you new and just starting a corporate podcast? Don’t worry! Some medium-sized networks don’t mind working with “still growing” podcasts. You’ve just got to prove your potential.

Benefits of joining a podcast network

Are you still doubting if a podcast network is great for you? We’ve gathered the best corporate podcast features you gain when you join one today. 

Earn sponsorship deals 

Advertising with your internal communications podcast is easier when you are supported by a podcast network. Advertisers usually prefer approaching networks to private individuals. That’s because of the larger audience and the possibility of getting better rates. 

Hence, if you are using a podcast in a large company for communications, advertisers and even podcast networks would likely want to work with you. You will have to read their ads along with your internal company podcast script or insert them strategically within your content. 

The networks would then cater to finding sponsor deals for you and manage the monetization and marketing of your brand to other podcasters and their large follower base. Faster growth is usually guaranteed when starting a corporate podcast under a network. 

Increased visibility 

Those that know how to create a private podcast will agree that having a loyal customer base guarantees views and engagements. Think of it this way: you are creating corporate podcasts under a network with different member podcasts and target audiences. There’s also the guaranteed listener base of your podcast hosting network. That’s more views! 

Besides, podcast networks have monetization tools to help reach new and consistent listeners more easily. They also promote internal communications podcasts during member shows.

Gain credibility by membership 

Apart from those using podcasts in large companies for communications, start-up corporate podcasts can consider networking to increase their credibility. Some listeners only tune in because they feel you’re reputable since you have what it takes to join a podcast network. 

The networking brand authority reflects on your content and gives you a quick rise in the podcasting space. You gain the audience’s trust and inherit a loyal listener base. 

With proper planning, starting a corporate podcast with a networking company is an excellent choice. You have to ensure the podcast network fits your niche and your idea for your internal communications podcast. 

Help with marketing and advertisements

While many podcasters understand how to create a private podcast, only a few can market their shows. Combining good marketing with quality corporate podcast ideas is even more difficult. 

However, podcast networks provide cross-promotional offers on how to record a podcast remotely and help members grow. That’s why they often have requirements to ensure all participating podcast shows can contribute value to the general network’s success. 

Besides, the leading podcast networks also offer campaigns on using podcasts in large companies for communications. You benefit from the bigger marketing budgets and experience of other successful hosts within the network. 

Production support 

Keeping up with the production quality of an internal company podcast can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why many podcast shows turn to network companies. Having a network that will handle the production logistics, monetization and promotion of the shows is ideal. 

These networks are willing to help since that ensures top internal communications podcast ideas and a great revenue opportunity. Some even offer editing, researching and supervisory assistance on starting a corporate podcast. Eventually, you will have fewer things to worry about in your focus on launching an internal company podcast for your employees. 

How to join a podcast network

Wondering how to join a network? We’ve broken the process down into simple and straightforward steps. 

Search for relevant podcast networks 

Joining a podcast network that hosts shows in the same industry or similar niche has its benefits. You get related corporate podcast ideas and learn how to record a podcast remotely from more experienced hosts.

Check the network membership requirements 

Once you have found your choices of podcast networks, the next thing is to read through their requirements. Some networks prefer those that are already using podcasts in large companies for communications. However, while individual preferences vary, a general rule is that you must prove your worth and what you can contribute. 

Send your proposal

Write a simple and concise message to the podcast network pitching your corporate podcast ideas and highlighting what they stand to gain by accepting you. Remember to focus on how it benefits them and not just what you will gain. Include some of your best internal communications podcast ideas in your proposal.

Ask important questions 

After the email, the network should reply, and that’s where you clear your remaining doubts. Ask relevant questions about creating an internal employee podcast, their processes, hosting platform, terms & conditions and how you will benefit from starting a corporate podcast with the network. Not all podcast networks will take on the promotion of your show as part of their responsibility, so do well to ask the right questions. 


Joining a podcast network is an excellent idea for anyone starting a corporate podcast. You get to enjoy better monetization, sponsorship and promotional offers while also building your subscriber base.

Joining a network isn’t difficult. With so many podcasting networks, you can also search online for how to create a private podcast using them. 

Have you found a favorite podcasting network host? Check out their requirements and pitch your internal communications podcast ideas to them. 


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