Ceiling Rafts

Benefits of Ceiling Rafts

Ceiling rafts are a stylish and versatile way to add extra acoustic benefits to a room. They absorb sound to reduce reverberation and reflected sound while saving valuable wall space. They can be custom-made in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any design style.

Free-hanging units reduce sound propagation across large distances

Ceiling rafting units reduce sound propagation through walls, floors, and ceilings by reducing the reverberation time. They also reduce the amount of noise in rooms, improving communication and concentration. They are a good complement to wall-to-wall acoustical ceilings. These are ideal for spaces where noise levels are high, and increase privacy between working groups.

The most effective way to isolate low frequencies is through decoupling. This is accomplished through resilient clips. Examples of resilient clips include Hush Frame Raft and Genie Clip(r) RST.

Curved SAS600 rafts and modules allow a larger acoustic area

Curved SAS600 Ceiling Rafts, modules and panels are available in a variety of standard and bespoke finishes. In addition, the ceiling rafts can be fitted with any standard SAS perforation pattern and other acoustic treatments. These rafts and modules can also be fitted with LED lighting and other M&E services.

The SAS600 provides high levels of acoustic absorption, whether the ceiling is suspended or open soffit. The ceiling rafts can also be installed alongside the suspended metal ceiling, enabling a larger acoustic area. The system can be used in both new and retrofit acoustic solutions. Curved SAS600 ceiling rafts, modules, and ceiling systems can be suspended from flat structural soffit or coffers. This system promotes natural thermal mass cooling as well as facilitating free air movement.

SAS600 allows services to be integrated into the design

SAS600 ceiling rafts are a highly versatile solution for integrated service integration and high performance acoustics. Available in standard and bespoke profiles, SAS600 rafts and modules are ideal for new build and retrofit acoustic solutions. As a result of their flexibility, SAS600 ceiling rafts and modules can be tailored to suit any building and interior design.

Paddington station opened on 29 May 1854. Since then, metal has helped shape the look and function of London’s railways. This new HQ of the businessman Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg has used SAS to help integrate its services into the design. The building’s new Elizabeth line station, for example, includes sound absorbing SAS600 ceiling rafts, column cladding, and architectural bronze.

Dur-SOLO raft ceilings provide high levels of acoustic absorption

Acoustic ceiling rafts are great for improving room acoustics. They help reduce reverberation and reflected sound, while taking up minimal wall space. They are also available in a variety of custom sizes and colours to complement any room’s design.

Acoustic ceiling panels allow for natural thermal mass cooling

Acoustic ceiling panels are designed to help you regulate the temperature of your room while allowing free air flow to the structural slab. They can be installed in new or retrofit projects and require minimal maintenance. They have a number of benefits, which make them a good choice for any environment.

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