Converting Youtube Videos to Mp3

Benefits of Converting Youtube Videos to Mp3

Have you ever watched a video and fallen in love with the audio? So much that you want to play it on loop? But can’t because that’s just not how videos work? It could be anything; a podcast on YouTube, a music video, or an educational one. In today’s tech world, nothing is impossible. Files can be converted into any format with the help of online tools.

Motivational speeches, music, songs, sermons, interviews, and a lot more, we wish to listen to them in our extra time or when we’re preoccupied, as background fillers. But download mp3 video uses a lot of space and battery so we settle for nothing. Not anymore! With YouTube mp3 converter you can download any video file as audio.

How to convert Mp4 to Mp3?

Converting files is a very easy task that can be done in 5 simple steps:

  1. Copy link of the video you wish to download
  2. Go to the converter
  3. Paste the link in the text box
  4. Click convert
  5. Download by clicking the download sign.

Benefits of Converting:

Obtain sound effects:

If you are a passionate video maker who likes to add sound effects to your video, the easiest way to get audio is by converting videos to mp3.

Create an Audiobook:

Cartoons are great for children but nothing beats audiobooks. So you can look up narration videos on YouTube and convert them to audio.

Compilation Video:

Is it a motivational video you wish to merge audio and video of two separate contents for fan content? You can get different quotes, clips, or tunes from YouTube, extract the audio and play it in the background of your selected clip.

Extract Music:

Sometimes we watch a video and fall in love with the music, but unfortunately, it is not available on any song streaming platform, or we don’t know the name, or we can’t afford streaming platforms, this is where you could use converters and convert videos from YouTube to Mp3.

This extracted audio can also be used in fan-made video edits which have rapidly gained popularity on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Saves Space:

It is common knowledge that audios are a lot less heavy than videos. Thus by converting them into audios a lot of space can be saved, which could be used to store more audios.

Can be Listened Offline:

Unlike videos on YouTube (which either take a lot of space or don’t have the download option and thus can’t be saved) need to be watched online. This is bothersome when you are traveling and don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, or when the Wi-Fi connection is weak and the videos keep buffering, or if you don’t have a lot of data to spare, however, fret not anymore. Through this facility, you will be able to download your favorite tunes offline for little space.


Converting videos in audio has a lot of benefits like saving space and battery. It is also great for people who have a passion for creating videos.

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