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Best GPLdl Alternative site for Themes & Plugins- Review in 2021

The number of GPL themes and plugins sites is increasing every day. There is a huge number of free and paid sites out there that are offering GPL products to their users.

When building or managing your personal or business website, you need original themes and plugins that deliver top-notch performance.

You need to choose a website that you can trust and that has a good reputation in the market. Choosing a random platform can create problems for your website.

In this article, we are going to review GPLDL and Srmehranclub GPL sites to see which of these is a better choice for downloading WordPress themes and plugins.

What is GPLDL?

GPLDL is a free GPL themes and plugins provider that offers access to a large repository of themes and plugins to its users. This site has over 1,200 products that you can download and use for free.

With GPLDL, you get access to the themes and plugins for WordPress as well as WooCommerce. If you want to use premium themes and plugins and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on paid GPL provider memberships, you should check out the GPLDL.

Is GPLDL Safe?

The membership of GPLDL is free. This makes the site a tempting choice for WordPress designers and developers.

But is this website worth it? Because nothing in this world is free, right?

This raises the question about the safety and security of GPLDL. The site claims that they give access to the original products. We are not so sure about that.

GPLDL most probably sells nulled and cracked themes and plugins. These files might contain viruses that would attack your website and make all your web design efforts go to waste.

Although you can scan the files downloaded from here for viruses, that still doesn’t ensure that the themes and plugins would be safe to use.

The bottom line is, there is always a catch with free-to-use GPL sites. It would be better if you avoid these sites and only use the paid ones instead.

Srmehranclub – Best GPLDL Alternative Website for GPL WordPress Themes and Plugins

Free GPL sites are not safe. You only need to join trusted websites that have positive reviews on many online review platforms.

Srmehranclub is the most trusted source for genuine and authentic GPL themes and plugins. This site started providing its services in 2016 and is one of the oldest best GPL site for GPL themes and plugins site out there.

This site has over 15k products with more than 10 million downloads so far. The site has more than 38,500 total customers who are completely happy with the quality of services that Srmehranclub has to offer.

Why is Srmehranclub Better Than GPLDL?

  • 100% Original GPL Licensed Products

Srmehranclub offers 100% authentic GPL products. This site gives you access to original files which they have purchased from the developers who have created these files. Srmehranclub has purchased these products under the terms of GPL license, and you can use these products in any way that you want to.

  • Huge Library of GPL Themes & Plugins

Srmehranclub offers more than 15,500 products. GPLDL just has about 1,200+ products.

There is not a single platform out there that offers the same collection of themes and plugins. Plus, you can download the themes and plugins from all the popular brands here at an affordable price.

This is what makes Srmehranclub stand out from all the other market options.

  • Excellent Customer Support

GPLDL customer support is not so great. They don’t reply to the emails fast and you might not even get a reply at all.

The customer support of Srmehranclub on the other hand is quite great. They offer email as well as phone support.

  • Safe & Secure

Srmehranclub is a safe and secure platform for GPL themes and plugins. You won’t find the same level of security anywhere else. This site offers original products that are safe and secure. Unlike most GPL sites out there that sell nulled and cracked products.

  • Trusted Source for GPL Products

Srmehranclub has a huge community of members that is growing at an enormous pace. This site has a trust rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot which is quite good. We went to a lot of different independent review sites to check out the response for Srmehranclub and it has been nothing but positive.

  • Affordable Membership

The membership is quite affordable. You can choose from 5 different plans and each plan is priced just right considering the value that it has to offer.

For example, the Standard plan costs $29 for the first month and then $15 for the following months. You can visit the Srmehranclub membership plans page to learn about the pricing policy of Srmehranclub.

  • Friendly UI

The user interface of the Srmehranclub is quite simple and friendly. You can use easily use the interface to access all the products and features that Srmehranclub has to offer. The user interface, as well as the user experience offered by this site, are great.

  • Automatic Update Plugin

Srmehranclub offers an Automatic Update plugin for its users. The users can use this plugin to update their themes and plugins from the WordPress interface. This is what makes Srmehranclub stand out from other GPL sites because, from most sites, you have to manually download the themes and plugins to get their latest updates.

Final Words

You should always choose paid sites for downloading GPL themes and plugins. Free sites like GPLDL are not a safe option.

Srmehranclub offers the biggest collection of themes and plugins. They have been in the business for over 5 years so you can trust their services.

So, if you want a safe website with WordPress themes and plugins, we recommend Srmehranclub for you. This site offers you access to a massive collection of GPL themes and plugins that you can use to build any kind of web design that you want for your blog or business website.

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