Best Guide on OMBRE EYEBROWS vs Microblading | Before and after Care

OMBRE EYEBROWS: Ever seen celebrities in with-and-without-makeup photographs? If so, then you must get stunned for once to see how different these people look in real life from their on-screen, cosmetic versions. However, it’s not only makeup that makes these celebrities glamorous but also, their eyebrows.

Having fuller and fluffier eyebrows add additional flair to the overall look and also enhances your beauty and expressions more precisely. That’s why the beauty experts consider the eyebrows your most integral facial feature and a no-makeup look is deemed complete without trimming and filling in the eyebrows.

Unfortunately, only a few of us don’t need any filling treatment or makeup hack to get our dream eyebrows. Whereas, most people are totally based on either eyebrow pencils or powder shades. Giving your eyebrows a groomed and thicker look with filler pencil or shades is possible but it’s not permanent and one may have to repeat the process every day; on busy days, you might have to fill in your brows even more than once.

Also, doing so takes 10-15 minutes and leaning over your dressing table for these long minutes in an intact posture can be quite strenuous. So, why not go for a long-lasting brow grooming hack? These days, the technique of ombre eyebrows is generating huge buzz around the beauty sector. What is this latest beauty norm and why is it worth taking, let’s find out!

Ombre powder brows

In this technique, the powder shade is filled within the uppermost layer of skin and that’s the reason why we often named this method micro shading or ombre shading. To fill the powder shades in the epidermis, a special machine is used to craft pixelated dots which not only looks natural but also help the skin to heal sooner.

Ombre brows Vs Microblading

Many people confuse this technique with microblading eyebrows. However, both the processes are totally different from each other. In microblading, hairlike strokes are created deep within the skin to impart a fuller feel. During this procedure, a person may have to endure intense pain, bleeding, swelling, and a series of aftercare.

That’s another reason why the technique of ombre eyebrows is gaining higher and higher demands since not everyone can undergo the painful process of microblading – especially those who are having oily skins. On the other hand, ombre shading is perfectly safe for all skin types – including sensitive and oily ones.

Aftercare and lifespan of ombre brows

The best thing about the ombre powder brows is their long lifespan which makes all the efforts worth it. The one-time treatment will be sufficient to give your brows a more voluminous feel for at least THREE TO FOUR YEARS. However, if you pay special attention to aftercare, the lifespan could be extended even more.

What you have to do during the aftercare journey is usually prescribed by your dermatologist but generally, you just need to keep your brows away from water for at least two weeks. Also, you should avoid applying any sort of makeup or moisturizer until the brows get healed completely. See! Getting gorgeous eyebrows is no longer a dream. Thanks to the Ombre eyebrows!


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