Uber Atziri

The Toughest Bosses in Path of Exile

There are plenty of boss fights here that will challenge the best of players.

Boss fights have been an integral part of gaming throughout history. Some of course offering harder experiences than others, it can often be a tough challenge but with worthwhile rewards for your plight. Given the fact that Path of Exile isn’t an easy game to play in general, it won’t come as much of a surprise that there are some difficult bosses for you to overcome. You might want to part with a few Exalted Orb or other currencies to get the PoE builds right for some of the boss fights on the following list, as you could soon find your character perishing.

Uber Atziri

Having the right build is absolutely essential if you’re going to stand a chance against Atziri. Her ability to create clones of herself to return damage to you is one of the main reasons why many PoE builds are unable to defeat the Queen of the Vaal.

How do you find her? This boss is able to appear via The Alluring Abyss, the Apex of Sacrifice map, or as a level 3 Royal Meeting Room within the Temple of Atzoatl. If you chose the first of these options, then you’re going to be taking on Uber Atziri. If this boss wasn’t tough enough already, the uber version not only increases her damage, but her health too. So much so that there’s attacks that will kill you very quickly, so be prepared.


The Avatar of the Grove is a rare example of a boss fight that is dangerously hard, but doesn’t exactly reward you in kind. Oshabi is the last boss of the Harvest League, and will have no problem in dishing out heavy physical damage to you via ground degens. This is the kind of boss where you should probably pick your battle wisely. If you are without the right build setup, then you can easily be killed in one hit. Investment of your PoE currency is going to be important to get said build setup, but you may question if it is going to be worth the effort when all is said and done.

Uber Elder

Back in the day, the Uber Elder was actually the last boss in Path of Exile. Even though we have since seen the introduction of Sirus and such since, the Uber Elder is still a formidable foe for any Path of Exile player. To survive this fight, you’re going to really have to brush up on your skills, and make sure that you have a build that is up for the task.

The battle itself feels like a culmination of both Elder and Shaper boss encounters, though there’s more in his arsenal to come at you. Having to deal with the monsters he sends out is challenging enough, since you’re going to have to figure out a way to balance fighting the boss itself and dealing with the mobs coming at you. It isn’t an impossible fight by any means, but it’s worthy of mention still.


Players can find Aul, the Crystal King way down at the bottom of Delve. This is considered to be the hardest boss in the entire game, trumping the next boss we will be talking about by the modifiers that are applied as you make your way through the mine. The scaling of these modifiers eventually mean that you can be one-shot killed very easily. In fact, the boss itself will be more than happy to indulge in this if you don’t have an immunity build.

The mobs don’t help matters either, nor does the boss’ ability to freeze you whenever it chooses too. Pretty much anything here at this point will be able to take you down with one hit, earning the Aul experience the toughest boss award.

The Maven

Aul may be considered tougher to some than the Maven when it comes to the scaling factors, but as a boss itself, this is a contest like no other. No amount of sifting through PoE Trade and spending your PoE currency is going to save you from the hardest last boss PoE has to offer. The Maven will test your skills more than anything, as well as your memory for the techniques that the boss is using.

Fast thinking is the key to victory, as the Maven borrows from many other boss battles to challenge you like no other boss has done so in Path of Exile before. The fact that you have to take on other bosses coming from the Atlas and the ability to instantly kill you is just another factor in the favour of the Maven. With that in mind, be sure to stock up with your PoE currency, but you’re going to be truly depending on your skills as a player.

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