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The accessories that are manufactured for human hair, animal hair or, synthetic fibers are called wigs.

The wig having curls is called a bob wigs.


Most men and women in Egypt have clean shaves on their heads. Ancient Egyptians introduced the idea to make wigs to shield their heads from the sun. The people of Egypt used resins and bee waxes to keep that wigs in place.

Use of wigs in different centuries

In the 16th and the 17th Centuries:

 In these centuries, wigs were used to compensate for hair loss and to improve personal appearance. Different types of fur hoods were used in fashion. Queen Elizabeth I of England took fame is wearing a red wig that was curled in style.

In the 18th century:

At this time, wigs were used by men males. Males used different types of wig powder to give white or off-white color to their wigs. Women did not use wigs but they used alternative sources of artificial hair. In this way, women powdered grey or bluish-grey color to their wigs. Wigs color was made from starch.

In the 19th, 2oth century:

In this century, there was a narrow usage of wigs. Only hairless or women used wigs to compensate for their loss. At the end of the 19th -century and the start of the 20th century, some hairdressers of England introduced different types of wigs with many colors like bob, curly hair tails, etc.

Types of wigs

There are many types of wigs available in stores and markets. Ready-made wigs are made up of human hair or synthetic, machine-made or hand-tied wigs are also present in different stores. On the customers, demand and payment different types of wigs are provided like hand-knitted of various sizes.

If a customer pays well then a hand-knotted wig is provided that lasts for two to five years.

Manufacturing process

Human hair wigs and hand-tied wigs take four to eight weeks to complete.

Hair preparation

The direction of individual hair should be the same. To make the same direction of, hair, take a

Bunch of hair in hand, rub them between fingers and thumb. Uncut ends will turn back and cut ends will remain straight.

Now curling and waving of chosen hair can be done. Wigmaker can make special wigs by smashing two to five shades of hair to give unique look.

Foundation makes up:

Edges of wig foundation are cut from meshed silk net of desired hair color. The sizes of pieces vary. Net foundation pieces are joined together and then sewed into gallon pieces.


Different ventilating needles are used to tie them together. Needles depend on hair size. When a wig is ventilated, the inner surface of the wig

Is heated by pressing to safe knots


The covered wig is dried in an oven. The curls are open and combing of hair occurs. Desired styles come in place.

Care for your wig:

After wearing a wig, some steps should be followed like

Do not face heat or fire directly.

Do not apply directly hairdryer or ventilating needles.

Uses of Wigs

Official use:

Judges, Parliamentary, Municipal or Civic officials use wigs as an office symbol in Britain. As a court dress, Wigs are used by judges of Hong Kong.


Wigs are popularized by many celebrities. CHER, A celebrity who has worn all types of wigs in the last 40 years, she wore blonde to black and curl to straight. A wig is also used in many film theatres to alter the routine appearance.


In theatre, wigs are specially used to give some special character a unique appearance. As it is understood that in film or dramas not all characters carry specialty. So to give a special role wigs are also used.

The actor that does not carry wigs needs to change his/her appearance before ever time going on stage. To manage the character’s design, wigs play an important role.


Actor or occasional people wear wigs in their daily routine. Actors or stage workers need to keep their hair all time in style but there is always a shortage of time so wigs are already fixed and in good style. It gives convenience in maintaining a solid character.

Availability of wig

Wigs are available in different shops and stores. Recommendations can receive from any cancer organization or cancer hospital.

Wigs are available online.

Business of wigs:

Now in recent times, wigs are used as fashion. Wigs are present in different shapes and colors.

The wholesale wigs business of wigs is running from one country to another.

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