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Best Instagram Tools to Grow and Engage Followers

In the modern age of social media, Instagram has proven to be one of the most significant platforms of them all. Always evolving and constantly adding new members to its already colossal user base, this image and video sharing site is a great choice for businesses and individuals who want to reach large audiences with ease.

Indeed, studies and reports show that a huge percentage of Instagram users say that they’ve purchased something from the site, making it a veritable goldmine for marketing products and brands, and it doesn’t matter what sort of business you’re running, from essay help to health supplements, there are plenty of ways to use Instagram to your advantage, as long as you use the right tools for the job.


One of the keys to being successful on Instagram is making good quality content, and that’s something that Boomerang can help you with. It allows you to craft your own stories and short video clips, blending together photos into looping GIF-like clips that can quickly attract attention and get eyes on your profile. It’s a really good option for showing off the more lighthearted side of your business and crafting a fun personality for your brand.


Buffer is one of the best tools for boosting engagement levels and follower counts on Instagram for all kinds of businesses like stores, restaurants, Essayontime, and marketing businesses too. It works around two key features: Publish and Analyze. Publish essentially allows you to schedule your posts for Instagram (and other platforms too), while Analyze offers important insight into how your content is actually performing.


One of the best ways to boost engagement on Instagram is to make your content more interactive, setting up polls, coupons, giveaways, and other exciting events that are sure to get your followers clicking and sharing. Woobox can assist with this. It’s one of the premier tools for setting up unique campaigns like polls and quizzes to make your Instagram account more of a social, communal experience that fans can really connect with.


Crowdfire is a clever little management tool for your social media profiles, allowing you to manage all of your different socials from one centralized hub. This is a major time-saver for companies and individuals who use Instagram in addition to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Crowdfire also comes with a lot of useful features like engagement metrics for performance analysis and a convenient Chrome extension for quick and easy article sharing and content curation.


Canva is a content creation and graphic design tool you can use to give your Instagram posts some major aesthetic upgrades. It features pro-grade photo and image editing options that are surprisingly easy to use, letting you adjust and adapt your posts and images for social media platforms, including Instagram. You can create pretty much any kind of visual content with Canva either from scratch or with the aid of preset templates.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is one of the leading lights in the image editing world, and Lightroom is another winning entry from this popular and proven brand that can be of vital aid to Instagram account owners. Whether you’re specializing in assignment help, travel writing, or something entirely different, you can use Adobe Lightroom to your advantage to edit and improve photos and images to share with your fans and followers.

If you’re interested in scheduling your Instagram posts and content ahead of time to save time and minimize the hassle of running a successful account, is perfect for you. You can sync it with services like Dropbox and Google Cloud and then plan out your content deployment days or weeks in advance. This can be perfect for busy social media managers who have a lot of content to handle across many different accounts.


Available in both free and premium versions, Hootsuite is another useful tool to boost engagement on Instagram for all kinds of business, from essay writing service UK to food delivery specialists. It works by letting you view and control your social account from an intuitive dashboard, making it much easier to monitor your Instagram and other social campaigns without wasting time. It also offers in-depth analytics to learn more about your campaigns and make improvements over time.

Final Word

Running a successful Instagram account doesn’t have to be a challenge, and as this list shows, there are countless tools and aids out there that can help to make the process a whole lot easier.

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