Best Practices for SaaS Billing

There are many benefits of automating your SaaS billing process. One of these benefits is the ability to track usage patterns of customers and upsell new products to them. For this, you can use SaaS invoice templates, which are designed to capture customer-important data. Then, you can send out rich upsell communications to your customers.


If you’re looking for a subscription billing solution, Chargebee may be right for you. It supports subscription revenue up to $1 million per year and offers Pro and Elite pricing packages. You can also request a quote if your revenue is higher than $1 million per year. Chargebee is one of the leading B2B SaaS billing solutions and offers more than 480 leading recurring billing scenarios. It also supports one-time payments.

As your subscriptions grow, you will need to offer more payment options. In addition to credit cards, you will want to offer a variety of payment options, including bank transfers and direct debit. The good news is that Chargebee’s platform supports multiple payment types and offers enterprise-level security. It makes it easy to scale globally and offers payment methods that fit your business model.

Chargebee can help you analyze revenue streams and analyze accounts receivable by invoice age and status. It also offers a feature that helps you compare MRR to Realized Revenue. These features and others can help you develop a customized reporting strategy for your business. Chargebee can also help you analyze the churn rate of your subscriptions.

Chargebee is integrated with multiple finance tools and accounting solutions. It supports GAAP-compliant SaaS revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting. Chargebee includes over 50 reports to help you measure and analyze revenue. In addition to a comprehensive view of your customers, Chargebee also offers customer lifetime value and MRR. Chargebee offers over 100 payment methods and currencies.

When you’re first starting out, pricing can be confusing. With Chargebee, you can implement different pricing models and decide which ones fit your business. You can even create custom pricing rules if you want to offer something specific to a specific segment of your audience.


SaaS billing systems are a fantastic way to track customer usage, and they collect tons of data. This data is crucial in tracking changes to your billing plan, as well as the impact of those changes. Using an automated billing system design allows you to test different pricing structures and make adjustments as needed.

SaaS billing systems must support mobile payments. Mobile purchases are expected to surpass 50 percent of all retail and eCommerce transactions by 2021. Providing mobile payment options allows users to discover and purchase SaaS products right on their smartphones. To make sure your customers have a seamless experience, make sure your billing solution supports mobile payments and is mobile-friendly.

Incorrect inputs can lead to billing errors. If your customers have trouble submitting payment information, check the error code for the payment method and contact your financial institution for assistance. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to use a different payment method. Regpack is designed to make this process as painless as possible, making it easy for your customers to pay.

Another best practice for SaaS billing is to use a simple pricing model. Make sure that your pricing pages clearly show the features of your SaaS product and the prices for different plans. A confusing pricing page could drive customers away, and this is not a good thing. To avoid confusion, use an automated billing platform to handle all pricing-related details.

Ensure your billing system design supports multiple languages and currencies. Many SaaS startups assume that all of their business will be in USD, but it is important to support multiple languages to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Chargebee’s Calendar Billing

Calendar billing allows you to change the billing date for multiple subscriptions at once. It aligns the current billing date with the new date, so customers don’t have to worry about being charged twice. In addition, you can change your plan and payment frequency easily through the customer portal. In addition, you can create recurring discounts and one-time-use coupons.

Whether you want to bill customers on a specific date or adjust your terms based on shipping dates, Calendar billing can help. Calendar billing is an excellent option for eCommerce and SaaS businesses. Chargebee makes it easy to set up and manage subscription plans with powerful features that are affordable for all stages of growth. For example, you can create a free trial for new customers, set up custom pricing for high-usage customers, or grandfather your existing customers.

The Chargebee solution is easy to use, with plug-and-play integration to over 23 payment gateways. You can even customize your own event fields and create custom rates. With these features, you can easily create a subscription plan and reduce customer churn. Plus, Chargebee’s customer portal provides notifications and actionable data to help you keep track of your customer’s billing information.

Chargebee offers a free plan and three paid plans. The Essential plan covers up to $250k in revenue. The other plans, the Rise and Scale, cost $249 per month and cover up to $549 per month. These plans are designed to support businesses at all stages of growth and development, while also focusing on establishing a long-term relationships with customers.

Chargebee’s Chargebee

Chargebee offers comprehensive SaaS reporting and billing solutions for enterprise customers. Its features include enterprise billing, customizable quotes, configurable Smart Dunning, and custom checkout. It also tracks product usage and automatically reflects taxes. It provides real-time dashboards that show the health of recurring subscriptions.


Chargebee offers advanced subscription billing, which allows users to pay in advance for their subscriptions. The customer portal lets them manage their subscriptions, change their payment details, and modify payment intervals. In addition, they can add and remove one-time charges, add-ons, and coupons.

Before you start charging users, make sure to test the system. Run tests on your test site, and make sure you’re receiving payments. Use a test subscription to test the process. Try charging it within 20 minutes and make sure it’s successful.

Chargebee offers real-time data and a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to optimize your pricing and sales. Its powerful features make billing as easy as possible for enterprise-grade subscriptions. It also enables you to experiment with pricing plans and features. It even automates the entire recurring billing process, including proration, taxation, invoice consolidation, and refunds.

Chargebee has an intuitive interface and an API library for developers. It supports multiple currencies and regions and includes a step-by-step guide for setting up taxes. It also manages communication with customers through email notifications. For example, you can set up event-based emails that are sent when new users subscribe.

Chargify’s events-based billing capabilities are great for SaaS companies, allowing you to manage usage-based pricing with ease. It also helps you track subscriptions throughout their lifecycle, including churn and lifetime value.

Regpack’s Chargebee

Regpack’s Chargebee for SaAS billing ties all types of billing data together, simplifying financial transactions and reducing risk. It can manage all of your subscription billing needs, from single-time purchases to recurring billing. It even handles multi-currency pricing plans and security.

It offers a range of features, including visibility throughout the customer’s lifecycle, and the ability to cross-sell and upsell your customers. You can also run pricing experiments and support different pricing models. Chargebee also automates the entire billing process, from proration to taxation, invoice consolidation, refunds, and more.

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