Can You Save While Paying Your Electricity Bill?

In this era of inflation, saving money is becoming impossible in day-to-day life. However, saving money is the main priority of many families, especially middle-class families. A significant amount of money is required to meet daily expenditure in this scenario; even a small saving is considered a relief. Although, many people are unaware that paying bills via online platforms may help people to save money.

Online portals have made bill payments and transactions simple and beneficial. Several online platforms offer online payment options where customers receive cashback, vouchers, and many other exciting offers in return. Most people use this opportunity to pay utility bills, also known as recurring bills. Recurring bills like electricity bills are required to be settled every month. Hence using the online platform for electricity bills or other utility payments, one can spare money for other expenses. Read further to get more ideas on saving money while paying electricity bills and other utility payments.

Which Are the Online Payment Platforms Used to Save Money?

Within a short period, the usage of online payment platforms has spread extensively. The main reason for its growth is its convenience, security and user-friendliness. In addition to all these factors, companies try to approach customers with new offers and rewards. Here are a few online platforms that help to put money back into your pocket:

Bank App: Bank authorities allow a customer to make utility payments safely. The amount is debited from the consumer’s account, and settles the bills without interruption. The bank apps provide cashback offers and coupon codes to avail of discounts. With this, you can make extra savings.

Credit/Debit Card: Payment is possible with bank cards added to apps or net banking portals. By paying the bill with the use of a card customer receives cashback and other rewards. The offer price may vary with each bank. The consumer also receives payment reminders, which helps complete the transaction on the correct due date. Users may save the card information on portals or net banking apps to ensure secure payment and get rewards. However, be cautious while storing card information.

UPI Transactions: The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) follows a simple payment structure and offers cashback, discounts and vouchers in every transaction. Today from local fruit vendors to grocery stores, everyone accepts UPI payment. The payment is possible with a virtual payment address that acts as a financial user ID for safe transactions. You can perform your HESCOM online payment through this payment option, as it permits transactions without the burden of account login.

Internet Banking: Internet banking is another safe option to pay utility bills such as electricity and DTH recharge. Customers can set up banking cards for utility payments. Notification before the due date helps the customer to escape from extra charges following the miss of the due date. Users receive cashback for the first three months, depending on bank policy. Registered users can sign up for SMS and email notifications for every transaction.

Applications Launched by Electricity Provider: In certain states, distributors have initiated their apps to pay electricity bills. Users may receive cash back on every successful transaction. Some distributors also provide vouchers to attract more consumers. However, this benefits customers by receiving extra perks and encourages timely bill payment. Customers can select bank cards, UPI and wallets as payment options.

Last but not least, the usage of Mobikwik, a trusted payment platform, increased due to its ease and other gains. Mobikwik offers coupon codes to get cash back on utility payments. Users may also get a super-cash of a certain percentage depending on the bill amount. For example, the customer may receive cashback on BESCOM electricity bill payment. The cashback amount depends on the bill amount. The consumer can pay different utility bills on the same platform.

What Are the Security Measures to Be Followed during Online Bill Payment?

Use Trusted Apps – Before proceeding with an online transaction via the app, confirm the app name via trusted sources. There are thousands of fraudulent payment apps. Before downloading, check verified badges, reviews and the number of downloads. Turn on security features for extra safety.

Recipient Verification – It is essential to check the recipient’s address before proceeding transaction. The incorrect address may lead to money loss. It is good to take the authority’s confirmation before utility payment. For example, before proceeding with BESCOM electricity bill payment, take confirmation from the BESCOM board.

Educate Consumers – Most people avoid online payment due to fear of cyber attacks. However, digital education may solve this problem and let consumers benefit from this development. For example, with the right education HESCOM online payment felt safer.


Whether an electricity bill or other transactions, digital platforms like MobiKwik always offer ways to put money back into the consumer’s pocket. With digital education, consumers can avoid risk factors and enjoy more benefits. If consumers already use digital platforms, try to be aware of new offers and rewards.

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