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Wall Decor Made Easy: 5 Interior Design Options for Any Home

Filling a large bare wall can feel intimidating. There are so many options what you can do with your walls: have them painted, covered with wallpaper, decorated with framed art or personal photos… this list goes on and on. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a shortlist of five decor options that would work wonders in any home – small or spacious, an urban studio or a large country house.

Let’s now take a closer look at the most versatile and affordable wall decor options.

  1. A Gallery of Framed Photos

A display of classically framed photos is a great way to make the most out of your personal photo collection. To achieve the best visual effect, you’ll need your photos framed in a gallery style – clean colors and simple lines of a classic frame will enhance the beauty of the print while a card-stock photo mat will give your picture much-needed breathing space.

  1. Poster Prints

Looking for simple wall decor with a personal touch? Then start with poster prints, a wall decor classic with great design potential. You may also go with stencils since there are a lot of DIY quote stencils for sale online. The nice thing about poster prints is that you can hang them with the help of putty or double-sided tape. The best manufacturers  produce posters from lab-quality photo paper, remarkably durable yet very thin and lightweight. You’ll be able to hang your poster wherever you want on the wall without worrying about drilling holes and damaging the print with nail marks.

  1. Framed Fabric

Framed wall decor isn’t limited to painted artworks or personal photos. These days you can also spruce up your room with some original framed pieces of fabric.

Of course, not every material will do – a piece of regular white cotton would hardly make any visual impact as a wall decor element.  We suggest browsing fabric retail shops and other handmade goods marketplaces to find that ideal textile artwork that will win your heart.

4.    Canvas Prints

We all know that genuine painted artwork is pricey – but how about transforming your own photos into works of art? Canvas prints let you do exactly that – a photo reproduction on a grained canvas surface looks particularly soft, almost like a painted picture.

Moreover, custom canvas prints come stretched over inner frames, exactly like canvases you’ll find in museums and art galleries – so if you’re looking for a way to add to your room an artistic touch, canvas prints should be the perfect option.

5. Removable Wall Decor

Permanent wall decor isn’t always an option – if you’re currently living in a student dorm or a short-term rental, drilling holes for framed art or canvas prints might not be the ideal solution.

Detachable wall art is perfect for people who like to experiment with decor schemes and those who can’t commit to permanent wall art displays. Just make sure you get wall decor that has magnets or adhesive strips that securely attach the decor elements to the wall.

The Bottom Line

Wall decorating can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re taking just the first steps in the world of DIY decor. If you don’t know where to start, draw inspiration from our simple tips – with a bit of planning and experimenting you’ll find what works best for your space!

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