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Top Tips for Choosing a Gaming Laptop

Interested in buying a new gaming laptop?

It is a great time to invest in one, as the world of gaming becomes more linked to AI and realistic graphics. But it can be intimidating to choose the right laptop. And if you only know a little bit about technology and gaming, where do you begin?

There are certain things you should know before choosing a gaming laptop. These are listed below so you will know what to look for in a gaming machine.


High resolution. This is what makes even a Lenovo gaming laptop striking with its display. With the intricate graphics, there are some truly stunning visuals in modern games. Aim for a gaming laptop with a resolution of 1080p. This is the most compatible with modern games and is the most affordable.


If you are a gamer, you may want to attend tournaments that may be taking place at a local gaming workshop or go to your friend’s house.

So, you will want a laptop that is portable, which may sound laughable, as surely all laptops are, by their own design, portable, aren’t they? Some are more portable than others. And the weight range of gaming laptops can vary greatly. Some weigh as much as 17lbs! Which is not going to be fun when you are carrying it around.

If you are likely to be using your laptop for mobile gaming (so to speak), make sure you can transport it safely.


The GPU or graphics processing unit is one of the key features of a gaming laptop. It will allow you to view the game’s imagery with more precision, which can make all the difference!

It is worth noting that a better graphics unit will lead to more battery use and the machine heating up. There is no point in purchasing a laptop for gaming if it cuts out due to poor battery use. So, check the required GPU on the games you are going to be playing. And then check that the laptop is going to be able to support them.

Remember, a higher resolution GPU is also going to cost more. So, it is worth shopping around for a better price if possible.


If you have been a gamer for a long time, you will know that a top-of-the-range machine needs to be cooled. That way, it can run smoothly while also not causing the graphics on the game to stall or the game to shut down.

When looking for a gaming laptop, it is worth considering purchasing a bulkier option. These tend to have more space around the central processing unit for heat to escape which will help to keep the laptop’s CPU cool and functional. If you are buying your gaming laptop second-hand, be sure to enquire about this. It may be worth visiting the buyer (if possible) to check for cooling vents.

Also, it is tempting, but never put a gaming laptop on your lap when playing! This will cause it to overheat quickly and may even cause you to become injured.

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