Best Solution to Contain My Dog

Best Solution to Contain My Dog

The electric dog fence has increasingly become the go-to method for containing dogs. As a new dog owner or someone who wants peace with the neighbors, you’re probably on the verge of installing this electronic dog containment fence system but aren’t sure how it works.

Well, let’s have a little discussion on electric dog fences, the cost of installing one, and why it might be an excellent idea for you and your canine family member.

Do Electric Dog Fences Really Work?

The short answer here is – Yes. Electric dog fences work, but this boils down to proper training and, of course, the reliability and safety of the fence itself. We’ll come back to this towards the end of this post.

Most popular question that we hear all the time- how does the K9 electric dog fence work here? The way the K9 containment system works is straightforward. Your dogs wear a receiver collar that emits a warning beep when they approach the flags of the fence. This sound alerts them that they are approaching the no-go zone and should turn back.

If they ignore the warning tone and continue moving towards the boundary, the collar triggers an advanced stimulus, often a light tingling sensation on the skin. Most people call this a ‘shock,’ but it’s a mild static correction that won’t hurt your dogs.

That sounds simple, right?

K9 electronics has two different types of invisible dog fences: wired and wireless. In a wired system (a.k.a underground fence), there’s a transmitter that stays plugged in inside your house. The transmitter has a wire that you have to bury all around your property, yard, or wherever you want to contain your dog. The transmitter sends a signal through the underground dog fence to activate the collar when your pet gets close to it.

The wireless fence works almost the same. The only difference is that no wires are running in and out of the transmitter. Instead, the base station uses a radio signal to create a circular buffer zone around your property. When a pup wearing a dog collar for an electric fence approaches the edge of the safe area, the radio signal activates the warning beep sound or electric impulse to disrupt their movement.

You’re probably wondering, how will your dog know where the borderline lies? Well, both wired and wireless systems come with an initial supply of dog fence flags. These flags are placed along the dog fence boundary during training. They are meant to give your canine friend visual cues of where the electric fence is.

Dogs are smart. With proper training, they start associating the flags with an uncomfortable correction stimulus. Soon enough, your dog will start respecting the invisible boundary even after you’ve removed the flags.

That sounds simple

How Much is an Electric Dog Fence?

Electric dog fence cost varies significantly. The price of these systems starts at around $200, but the total installation cost can get as high as $2000 (or even more). How much you end up spending on these invisible barriers depends on different factors, as we’ve explained below.

Type and Brand

Wireless dog fences are relatively slightly cheaper than comparable wired fences, thanks to their simplicity. Again, whether you decide to set up the system yourself or engage a professional, the installation cost will be significantly lower because no wires need to be buried. But keep in mind that wireless systems create a circular invisible perimeter, which you can’t customize easily. On the contrary, you can manipulate the electric cord in a wired kit to customize the borderline to your backyard dog fence ideas.

Size of the Designated Safe Area

The max range of an in-ground dog fence is limited to the size of the wire and the strength of the transmitter. With a powerful base unit, it’s possible to cover as much land as you want. The flexibility of an underground fence also opens up more options, including a double loop fencing layout. This fencing approach allows you to contain sections of your property instead of the entire property.

Cost of Signal Receivers

Wire-based pet fences are sold as a kit comprising the transmitter, collar (receiver), and the initial wire. These components can also be purchased separately, depending on your needs. You may need multiple receivers if you own several dogs. Worth noting, a 100-pound American bulldog and a 20-pound pug will require correction stimuli of varying caliber. A system that can accommodate both breeds will come in handy, but these tend to cost slightly higher.

Installation and Training Costs

You could install an electric dog fence and train the dog yourself or have a professional do it for you. The latter is more recommendable if you find the entire process cumbersome and, most importantly, if you want to ensure optimum effectiveness.

There are a lot of variables that determine the installation and training costs;

  • The type and number of your dogs
  • Type and model of underground dog fence
  • Desired boundary size
  • Your terrain

Get in touch with a dog containment expert to get a free quotation depending on your needs.

Electric Dog Fence Layout Guide or How to Configure

As mentioned before, wireless systems create a radius electric dog fence with minimal customization options. On the other hand, wired kits are incredibly flexible and can be customized to have the dog fence across the driveway, through a water source, for instance, a fountain, and around your garden.

Here are the various electric dog fence layouts video at your disposal if you choose a wired dog fence;

  • Full yard containment
  • Full yard with excluded zones
  • Split yard configuration
  • Double-loop setup
  • Electric dog fence with wood chain

Electric Dog Fence Layout Guide or How to Configure

Dog Trainer Knows Better

Properly training the dog to stay safely within electronic fence boundaries goes a long way in lowering the dangers of free-roaming. But we have to admit that some dogs can be pretty difficult to contain in a predetermined zone. They will go over the fence without minding the static correction if the reward on the other side is more appealing.

But that’s where the expertise of individuals who know how to train a dog with an electric fence comes in. The trainers at ContainMyDog follow an incremental distraction training approach. In this program, we present the dog with various tempting opportunities that may encourage a border breach, for instance, food, favorite toys, pedestrians, and family members. An all-encompassing training program like this will ensure that your furry friend has received the proper training and now respect the invisible border regardless of what is on the other side.

Importantly, when installing an in-ground electric dog fence, remember to enquire about maintenance and warranty. These are not install-and-forget systems. They can and will fail sometimes, and this will be a problem once your dog figures it out. That’s why you want to deal with a responsive and knowledgeable service provider when containing your dog.

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