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When you have spare time in your hands and wonder what to do with that time, a good option would be hunting. If that sounds appealing to you, and you are up for a little adventure and road trip, all you need now is to know the best places to hunt and fish. Here we have a list of some of the most favorable hotspot states to hunt and fish to your heart’s content if you are out for an answer.

1.  Hunting Hotspot States

●      Wyoming


This is considered one of the hottest hotspots for hunting as it has a wide range of areas for public hunting. Preys like big bulls in the Bighorn Mountains, mule deers, elks, and coyotes are the kinds of prey to find here.

●      South Carolina

South Carolina comes with hunting seasons open for enthusiastic hunters to go all out. The state is replete with coyotes, beavers, and feral cogs that are present all year long. Other animals here include black bears, foxes, deer, and so on. For coyote hunters, check out the best scope for coyote hunting to enjoy your hunt this year.

●      Idaho

If hunting big game is your specialty, then Idaho is the right hunting paradise for you to head to. The state is quite popular amongst hunters thanks to its very wide range of big games like moose, deer, mountain goat, pronghorn, pheasant, mountain lion, wolf, coyote, elk, black bear, and other big guns in the hunting scale. Idaho is the place for every hunter to try out his skills and equipment like those found in

●      Alaska

This is another home for hunters as the place is filled with games. Hunters can find black bears, bison, brown bears, caribou, moose, and so on in abundance. Here hunters are always assured of finding the perfect game and enough area to hunt with space for adventure and fun.

2.  Fishing Hotspot States

●      Alabama


Gulf Shores in Alabama, located on the Gulf of Mexico, is a paradise for the fish game and fish hunters alike. This place teems with all kinds and combinations of fishes like the triggerfish, king mackerel, redfish, tuna, amberjack, flounder, and many others. Here fishing activities can be done by the shore and off the coast Globo Surf.

●      Missouri

Named after the state itself, the Missouri Conservation Areas is a combination of various lakes like Table Rock Lake, Montrose Lake, Mozingo Lake, Stockton Lake, and many others. Each of these lakes provides an ample quantity of fishes for fish hunters to bask in.

●      Alaska

The Kobuk River in Alaska is the home of a wide range of species of fish. The river is home to arctic graylings, salmon, shellfish, trout, arctic char, whitefish, etc. Fishing here is an all-day, everyday affair.

●      Colorado

As one of the principal rivers in North America, the Colorado River is the hub and home for fishes and a perfect hotspot for fish hunters. The river is filled with largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfishes, bluegill, walleyes, black crappie, and many others.


Almost every state in the country is home to something spectacular when it comes to wildlife. The states mentioned above and many other states are the known hotspots for both hunting and fishing. These areas provide an all-year avenue for hunters to have fun and test their prowess. So what are you waiting for?

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