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Best Vape Pen for Beginners

More people are choosing to enjoy their CBD through vaping, meaning that the market offers a wider array of vape pens than ever before to accommodate the high demand.  Nowadays, it is quite simple to find a vape shop that carries a generous array of high-quality vape pens made specifically for the compounds in the hemp plant. 

First, however, let’s cover some quick vaping facts.  

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a small, portable vaporizer device that operates at an output level ideal for cannabidiol and other compounds in the hemp plant, which can burn and lose their effectiveness if vaporized at wattage or voltage levels that are too high.  They are compatible with cartridges that are filled with CBD e-liquid.  They contain a battery that allows the cartridge to reach a temperature conducive to vaporizing the liquid product for easy inhalation.  It’s important to point out that Vape NZ side effects are rare and known for being both mild as well as short-lived, like throat irritation caused by taking too many hits in a short period of time.

Charging Your Pen

Vape pens need to be changed regularly, and fortunately, doing so is easy.  They come with a charger and feature some type of light indicator mechanism that lets you know when your battery is running low.

Best-Selling Vape Pens for Beginners

#1: Morpheus Vape Mod Kit by Mig Vapor

The Morpheus Vape Mod Kit by Mig Vapor is great for beginners because it’s user-friendly, but offers advanced enough technology to be highly reliable so that new users don’t have to constantly mess around with their device.  It operates at 100 watts and takes CBD e-liquids in its refillable tank.

#2: Pure by the Kind Pen

The Kind Pen is a highly trusted brand that makes easy-to-use, long-lasting vape pens for CBD specifically.  Their Pure model is extremely beginner-friendly, and very compact as well.  The cartridge is dropped into the slot where it attaches to the battery magnetically, and you can adjust the voltage using a user-friendly dial.

#3: The Hermes 3 by Linx Vapor

The Hermes 3 is a very traditional vape pen that uses the long cylindrical design that’s very popular, with a 510-threaded connection for standard cartridges.  It has a 290mAh battery and is known for being compatible with both thinner and thicker oils, which means that beginners won’t have to troubleshoot when the cartridge gets clogged.

Best Vape Pens of 2020

Now, let’s talk about the best vape pens of 2020, that beginners and advanced users alike can enjoy.

#1: C-Box Pro by KandyPens

Kandypens makes some of the most exceptional vape pens out there, and the C-Box Pro is no exception with its sleek design and exceptional functionality.  The 390mAh battery is reliable, and the magnetic cartridge connection ensures a totally secure vape.

#2: Vista by Vessel

Vessel’s Vista model is a high-end option with a downright luxurious visual design and impressive capabilities.  It offers three voltage settings, a magnetic drop-in mechanism for your cartridge, and compatibility with a wider range of cartridge products.

#3: One Plus by Pocket

Pocket’s One Plus offers a 660mAh battery, making it longer-lasting and more powerful.  It also includes three heat settings which can bring out a more enjoyable vaping experience by heating the cannabinoids to the desired temperature for improved flavor and more control over their effects.  And, it’s pocket-friendly to boot.

Why is the Cleaning of Vape Pens Necessary?

Once you select the perfect vape pen, you need to stay on top of cleaning it.  When vape pens are used repeatedly, they can accumulate debris and juice gunk that leads to poor functionality.

5 Simple Steps to Clean Your Vaping Device

We recommend cleaning your device once a week if you are a moderate to heavy user, and once every two weeks if using that said pen-style device less frequently.  

Step #1: Take apart the device by unscrewing your cartridge from the system.

Step #2: Take a Q-tip and dip it into rubbing alcohol.  Thoroughly clean the connections of the cartridge and device.

Step #3: Take a toothpick and insert it into the mouthpiece of your cartridge.  Do this to dislodge any debris or clogged juice.

Step #4: Wipe down the chassis of the device with a slightly damp paper towel, paying extra attention to any buttons.

Step #5: Put your device back together.

Disposable Vape Pens 

Before we end, we want to talk about disposable vape pens.  These are the most user-friendly options of all, so beginners may want to explore this submarket.  Disposable vape pens consist of a battery and cartridge that come attached, with a fully charged battery and pre-filled cartridge.  You do not need to maintain them, as you can just throw out the whole device once the e-liquid runs out.

Find the Perfect Vape Pen and Be on Your CBD Vaping Way 

If you wish to start vaping cannabidiol, you’ll want to check out the vape pens and other vape products that are out there today.  Our list of CBD vape pens for beginners provides you with the best options on the market that are all user-friendly and reliable.  

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