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Best Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend

‘Hum kaise bade ho gaye yaar, pata hi nahi chala’. We often realize this whenever we sit together and talk about life, childhood, school and college, partners, ranting about breakups, bunking classes, and jobs. We go home to all these trip memories, those promises of staying together till life and beyond and all the beautiful moments we spent with our bestie together. 

“Time flies, and together we happily watch it!”

Now is the day that your best friend is getting married and starting a new phase of their life. Wish them luck and all the love. Give them hugs and all the best wishes! So it is your best friend’s wedding, and, of course, we know you are busy helping them and the family prepping up for everything. From selecting their outfits to booking their skin care sessions, everything is your responsibility. In all these preparations, do not forget to get your bestie the most beautiful and lovely gift for the wedding. Pick the ones they are going to cherish for a very long time!

Below we are listing some of the most amazing and lovely gifting options you can choose from:

Coupons, Vouchers, and Tickets: One most beautiful and lovely ideas on the list is giving your best friend some lovely coupons and vouchers. You can go with coupons from restaurant chains, resorts, salons, and clubs, which you can find everywhere. You can exclusively go with all these vouchers and coupons at the place they are spending their honeymoon. Get them tickets for plays, adventure sports, concerts and things they love. 

Jewelry: The most classic and lovely gift on the list! For the person who is a fashion enthusiast, get them a beautiful jewelry box loaded with the trendiest and the loveliest jewelry picks. Go according to your budget. You can either go with a single jewelry item like a neckpiece, bracelet, ring or everything they love to adorn or a combo of two of these or more. 

In addition, you can also go with a couple’s jewelry for them and for their partner. Customized jewelry picks are also an option with names and initials. The customized ones will add a personal touch to it and make it a memory to keep closest to the heart.

A camera: For your friend’s wedding, get them a lovely camera. If they love to click and capture memories, this can be one of the loveliest and most amazing ideas. Go with a DSLR camera or a polaroid. We are sure they are going to love it the most. They can also use this camera and capture the best honeymoon memories. Help them create and capture moments they are going to keep closest to their heart.

A hamper of luxury: Make a hamper with everything they love, from premium chocolates and desserts to scented candles, perfumes, and bathrobes. We are sure they are going to get super amazed by the gift. Please note: when choosing the scented candles, go for the fragrances that elevate the mood and bring happy-positive vibes to their place. 

They are also your bestie, and we know you will pamper them for your whole life. Give this luxurious hamper and bless them with some great picks. Do remember to pick the brands they love the most. Get the most lovely and delicious cake delivered to the doorsteps with cake delivery in Kanpur or wherever you reside!

A watch: Thinking of going with this idea? Let us tell you, it is a great one and you should definitely go with it! A watch is also a thoughtful and useful gift and can be put to daily use. It’s also a great way to give a reminder to your bestie how lucky they are to have you. Because they will wear it daily! Just kidding! 

A formal watch is a classic idea! You can also go with a formal couple’s pick and make a wonderful and memorable gift for the newlywed! 

If not the classic formal one, go with the trendy fitness bands! It will also make a great gift!

A Photo Album: You and your bestie have seen so many things together. All happy and hard days, lived so many firsts together, and have seen each other in the highest and lowest phases.

So it’s their wedding, one of the most important days in their life, and on this lovely occasion, walking down memory lane is a great idea. Get an album printed with the memories, trips, random days and everything. We are also sure their hearts will filled with all the love and happy and teary smiles!

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