Block Paving In Nottingham

Block Paving In Nottingham – What’s In It For You? Should You Really Get It Done?

If you are someone who is looking to have a really unique driveway or garage for your home, you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of block paving nottingham.


  • There is a variety of colours, types, and sizes of block pavers available hence there are also many custom design possibilities.
  • Block paving is always much more attractive than basic, plain tarmac surfaces for driveways. You would surely want to be unique right?
  • Block paving can be relatively affordable if you choose the basic type that is the rectangular blocks. According to a manufacturer’s estimate: – the costs are being split 30% blocks and upto 70% labour, and all the raw materials such as sand. Basic blocks are widely available from £8 or £10 per square metre and sometimes up to over £20 per metre. However, there are a lot of complex patterns and additional items such as edging, steps which can be expected to cost you even more.
  • Individual blocks can be easily lifted and replaced if they are broken, or stained with oil, or perhaps faded the original colour.
  • Because paving blocks are sheerly manufactured rather than carved from natural stone, block sizes are always very accurate with the fittings and ooze a charm of linear perfection.
  • No expensive machinery is required hence small areas will never be more expensive to fit up. This is unlikely when you opt for tarmac.
  • Block paving in Nottingham is very cost effective when compared to clay pavers or the most popular natural stone blocks such as granite.
  • You can choose from a variety of depths options of concrete block pavers from 50 mm to over 100 mm. This can make block paving very suitable for domestic or commercial usage.


  • Concrete block paving can be very expensive if some rare specialist blocks such as tumbles or italian type are chosen.
  • Areas without perfectly installed edging may lack integrity and cause the blocks move. This will further open up gaps.
  • Plants such as weed or moss may grow between the blocks as airborne seeds settle into the sand. This can look very rubbish and needs to be cleaned out regularly.
  • The exterior colour of some less expensive block pavers can fade after a year or two due to exposure to UltraViolet light.
  • Because there is absolutely no need for expensive machinery to lay block paving, many block pavers tend to be certain individuals working from home rather than well established businesses which can provide a low professional service with very little warranty. Low machinery set up costs also invite many inexperienced and unqualified paving installers into the industry. So check the background of which company you trust.
  • Additional costs may occur if you were to import those really good looking block pavers from a different country such as Italian rosseto blocks.

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