United Kingdom Imports Jewellery

5 Countries from which the United Kingdom Imports Jewellery

The UK is one of the prominent countries in the jewellery industry worldwide. The London markets are flooded with jewellery shops that offer good quality jewellery products and services. The UK is ahead in terms of exporting and importing jewellery as well. In fact, for some period of time, it was the leading producer of jewellery in the entire Europe. The UK itself ranks 8th in exporting jewellery worldwide. But there are certain countries which also compete in the domain of jewellery export and they export a huge quantity of jewellery to different countries and the UK as well. Since the UK has a good market for jewellery it is naturally a regular consumer of foreign jewellery. People from different places come to buy jewellery from London. Jewellery with aesthetic lab grown diamonds uk is one of the major attractions of the country. Where does this jewellery come from? Let’s see the top 5 countries that export jewellery to the UK –

  1. India – India is the leading exporter of jewellery, not only to the UK but to the entire world. Since 2015, India saw a rise in its jewellery export by 38.2% and the total value of jewellery counts $13.4 billion! Indian jewellery is so popular in the west and the entire world overall because of its organic nature and artistic qualities. Indian civilizations have been centred on art and designs for ages and artists of this country are exceptionally passionate about the art. Globalization gave this Indian traditional art an opportunity to spread all across the globe.
  2. China – China exports just $0.1 billion less worth of jewellery than India. Chinese jewellery is mainly known for its pins, earrings, necklaces, belts, headbands, etc. and the most popular among these types of ornaments is an amulet. In Chinese culture, amulets are considered to be good charms and it is believed that a person wearing an amulet carries good luck with him/her. The designs in China emerged from zodiac signs such as pigs, rats, birds, and horses.
  3. Switzerland – Switzerland exports $11.7 worth of jewellery which is approximately 10.8% of the world’s total export. Swiss jewellery is famous for its rarest of gems that are crafted beautifully in precious metals. The skilled craftsman from Geneva combines diamonds with sapphire, rubies, emeralds, etc. The leading Swiss brands exist for a long time around the 19th century. For example, Chopard is one such brand that was founded in 1860.
  4. United Arab Emirates – Total jewellery export of UAE counts $10 billion. The jewellery of the UAE is rich in its rich gold collection. In UAE, gold is thought of as a symbol of trust, tolerance and community for years. Gold ornaments of UAE are passed through generations of royal families. Therefore, the jewellery of this country has historical significance.
  5. United States – Being the 2nd most exporter of the world in all goods and services, the US exports jewellery worth $9.2 billion. Even if the total export of the US saw a decline in recent times, it stills stands in the fifth position. Some of the leading brands of the US are known worldwide such as Tiffany and co.

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