Why Are All The Ladies Obsessed With Press-on Nails
Press-on nails are stealing the trend show with a range of trendy designs with effortless application.

Why Are All The Ladies Obsessed With Press-on Nails?

Do you enjoy manicured nails but find manicures tedious? Have you ever wanted to experiment with having long nails but couldn’t commit to growing them out? Then, you should check out press-on nails! Press-on nails generally come with a complete set of nails and the tools you’ll need to put them on. You don’t have to worry about making a mess or inadvertently ruining up your polish as you would with standard nail polish or gel manicures.

The simplicity of application, the flexibility to apply these nails wherever you are on your own, and the variety of choices and styles offered to make press-on nails an appealing alternative to a salon session.

Those who shopped for beauty products on the high street over a decade ago may recall packets of press-on nails with the traditional French polish already painted or a bright, gorgeous red. However, the micro-industry has grown fast, and press-on nails are now considered a “hot new trend.” Gone are the days where press-on nails look basic and fake. Instead, companies like Clutch have changed the game for press-on nails with a unique artistic collection for every event.

Reasons to Buy Press-On Nails

  • Applying them is quick and effortless, plus they can endure for a long time without causing damage to original nails.
  • Well-known Press-on nails like Clutchdon’t chip and never lose their shine or shape. If one falls off too soon, clean it with alcohol, file down the edges, then glue it back on.
  • There is a style and design for everyone; look no further if you wish to create a fashion statement. ClutchNails is an excellent option because they offer stiletto, round, almond, oval, coffin, and square shapes with an eye-catching variety of colors and designs.
  • With high-quality press on nails, you easily achieve acrylic and gel qualities without the need of a UV/LED light. This tends to protect carcinogenic rays from entering your body unnecessarily.
  • Press-on nails are quite inexpensive! Many start at £10 for basic nails, with pricing rising as the design becomes more sophisticated.
  • To remove gel polish and artificial nails, you must generally soak them in acetone. With press-on nails, though, all you need is water, oil, and soap. How can you compete with thesesuper-duper easy nails?!

Clutch Nails – A One-Stop-Shop for Jaw-Dropping Press-On Nails

From matte press-on nails to glamorous glitter lines, our range of press-on will make your class apart in every event. If you’re on a limited budget or a newbie to press on nails, you should certainly give us a try. You may also come across many one-of-a-kind pieces for different occasions, all of them of exceptional quality and creativity.

At Clutch Nail, our dream is to give you your dream, and that’s why we’ve designed press-on nails that are made only of the finest quality materials. We wear these classy press-on ourselves, and that’s why we can assure you that these nails will fit perfectly and stay on.

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