Gamma Rays

Bricks will now be able to recognize Gamma Rays

Experts have made the bricks in the walls of the building a kind of camera which are able to find out the complete details of the radiation exposure in it. This technology has been developed by the scientists of North Carolina State University. The brilliance of the bricks has been visually enhanced. Because bomb-grade plutonium interacts with a variety of minerals, the historical record is set when this radioactive substance is brought close to a wall or brick.

According to experts, the building material works exactly like a 3D shape and can detect traces of gamma rays. Some types of minerals, such as quartz and feldspar Gama, act on the rays and their electrons are trapped in these minerals. But when they are activated, trapped electrons come out, which can be measured on a device called a photomultiplier. In this way, not only in the past but also in the present, the presence of any radioactive substance in the area can be detected.

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