Slingshot “machine legs”

In this advanced age, experts are developing amazing things. Amanda Strenso and David Brann of the Advanced Robotics and Control Laboratory at Exo Skeleton Vanderbilt University have jointly invented an exoskeleton, the leg-wearing machine that can speed up a normal human’s walking and running and will increase it to 50%. According to an estimate, the human speed of running is about 4 meters per second while the maximum speed has been recorded at 3.12 meters per second.

But wearing this exoskeleton, a normal human can reach speeds of up to 20.9 meters per second, which is even faster than the world’s fastest athlete, Usain Bolt. Experts say that our legs not only move forward but also bear the weight of our whole body, which prevents us from increasing our walking and running speed.

This exoskeleton, which is designed like a slingshot, partially handles the load of the human body while running and walking, which accelerates the speed of movement. In initial trials, the speed of volunteers wearing the exoskeleton was noted to be up to 50 percent faster than usual.

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