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Tips to Ensure That You Don’t Buy Fake Medicines Online

Getting the right medicines with ease has become very important nowadays. Many pharmaceutical companies have planted their roots already and the requirement is increasing day by day. An increase in the number of pharmacies also shows the great demand for medicines today. Nowadays many pharmacies have also started selling off medicines online similar to offline stores. The count of online pharmacies is also increasing day by day. These companies ensure smooth accessibility, protection, and solitude to the consumers. But it is not necessary that all of these would be genuine ones. Considering the great demand for online medicines many startups have started their operations in the online medicine delivery segment such as Medmate. There have been many cases where patients have received fake medicines through some of these online pharmacies and they have faced serious side effects due to this.

So how to recognize whether the service provider is genuine or not? The company might have portrayed itself as one of the leading suppliers but there are few things which you would need to check before placing the order for your medicines. Here is the guide which would help you to identify the fake sellers. Here we go!

Asking the valid prescription

You must be aware that a prescription is mandatory to buy the medicines and it is applicable for online medicine shopping as well. The majority of the websites would ask for a valid prescription. If any of the websites are ready to provide you with the medicines without a valid prescription then make sure you do not make any purchase from it. Generally, these fake websites ask to mention the symptoms or to fill out a questionnaire regarding the health issue.

Offering medicines on basis of an online questionnaire

If any of the websites are offering you medicines without any prescription it would be a big no for you. Some of the websites ask you to write symptoms or fill out questionnaires regarding the health issue for which you are asking the medicine for then make sure you do not purchase any medicines from it. These questionnaires are common for all kinds of health issues.

Very low-price offering

Generally, consumers tend to purchase medicines online due to the ease of shopping as well as the great price. But if you find any website that is offering the medicines at an extremely low price then it is understood that it is a scam. If you are buying the medicines for the first time and not aware of the price then make sure to compare the prices on multiple websites to judge the right one. If you are still unsure about the options then you can take the opinion from your doctor. If you are buying any generic drugs then make sure to check their offline pricing as well before placing the order online.

Look for the license number

Every online pharmacy which is into online medicine delivery would hold a valid license number to run such a setup. Generally, this license number can be easily found on the website itself. If you are unable to find it on the website then you can try emailing them and asking for the same. If you can get it then you can go ahead and place the order with it.

Scrutinize the packaging of the medicines

Here comes the last tip which would help you to avoid getting into the trap of fake medicines. We have a habit of checking the expiry date or batch number on the medicines while buying them from the store. While shopping online most of the online pharmacy companies do mention the expiry date and other details along with the medicines on the website itself. But at the time of delivery if you see that the expiry date, batch number, or other details are missing from the package then make sure you do not go for this particular website for your next purchase.

Getting medicines online might be easy but it is also important to identify the scam as well so that you do not fall prey to it. Taking fake medicines can cause serious issues in the long run hence it is important to identify the right source at the right time.

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