Best Shoes for Outdoor Activities

The best tips on how to pack your travel shoes

Footwear is essential when you want to travel. You need to make sure you have shoes that are light and match the occasion. You need to keep in mind the weather of your destination and the terrain of the land. Air travel needs shoes that are easy to put on at the airport. Are you going for special activities like hikes? Pack friendly varieties that match the activity. After visiting shoe shops like vybe shoes, use this article to know how to pack your shoes.

Choose the right shoes for the trip.

Have comfortable and versatile shoes that you can wear for longer walks. Check the shoe color you are choosing. If you pick only bright-colored shoes, it might be hard to maintain their cleanliness.

Pick your golden trio.

Three shoe pairs are enough for your trip. You can change the number depending on the trip type and activities. Have some flat shoes to pass with ease in security checks. The versatile heels will pair with outfits. The comfortable shoes are for long walks, like sneakers.

Use shoe spaces to salvage the luggage space.

Please make use of your shoes to pack socks and other small items in them. The shoe soles should be clean before packing items. Clean shoe soles will avoid stinking the valuables stored in them.

Pack shoes strategically

You need to know how to pack shoes in any bag that you have. Don’t stuff shoes in your luggage. If you use a backpack, wear heavy shoes like boots or sneakers, then pack the light shoes. Pack them vertically near your body to avoid dirtying clothes. For a suitcase, place the shoes at the bottom close to the wheels. You will prevent the entire luggage in the suitcase from rolling down.

Pack soft things around the shoes

Place soft items like t-shirts around the shoes to protect the shoes from damage. Makeups, toiletries and other hard travel items should be far from the shoes. You will prevent them from damaging your shoes and vice versa.

Cleaning wipes

Have cleaning wipes that you will use to clean your shoes before and after use while on your trip. You need always to wear clean shoes despite the weather condition.

Have insoles

Buy cheap insoles that you will use and throw away after the trip. The insoles will absorb dirt, oil, or sweat from shoes when you fail to wear socks. They will maintain the shoes to have a nice look after several uses.

Hide valuable items between the shoes

Apart from keeping undies and shoes in your shoes, the extra space in them can be a secret lair. You can pack extra cash, jewelry, and other valuables that you have while on the trip. Few people will search the insides of shoes in case of an attack.

Pack short boots

Are you traveling in the fall or winter season? You need to reduce your luggage weight by not packing bulky, heavy boots. If you need boots, opt for the short ones; wear the big boots while traveling.


In short, there are three things to consider while picking your shoes. Save on space, prevent damages, and protect the clean clothes. If you manage these three, then you are good to go.

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