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Gift cards have made life easier in several ways but most especially, it has given people an easier medium to purchase goods and make a profit. Yes! You can make an appreciable amount of profits from selling gift cards. In fact, that is what makes the gift card industry lucrative.

In Nigeria, the story is not different. Gift card sales are making waves as much as the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, the need to find the right app to sell gift cards is imminent. Astro Africa is the right gift card platform you need to get trade.

Astro Africa is not just like any other gift cards trading platform. It is indeed a game-changer. By using Astro Africa, you would understand what it means to trade gift cards and get the best out of them. The platform allow customers the opportunity to trade and have fun whilst doing so because of how easy it has made it. Every single thing is already laid out on the app for you. All you need is a few clicks to get started.

Astro Africa has created a safe, secured, and easy-to-use platform for gift card traders. It can be accessed via their website on or the mobile app can be downloaded on Google PlayStore.

Features of Astro Africa

Speedy deposits: Sell gift cards on Astro Africa and get paid instantly. Immediately after your card has been approved, Astro Africa will pay you. No delay in payments whatsoever.

After requesting funds from your Astro wallet, your bank account is credited within five minutes. Just make sure that the amount you want to withdraw tallies with your Astro wallet balance.

Rates calculator: The rates of gift cards are always changing because of the supply and demand curve. The rates calculator feature is important because it allows customers to be up to date about the exchange rates of all kinds of gift cards.

Responsive customer service: Any company that wishes to be successful in this modern age needs to be able to pamper their customers. To do so, responsive customer service is needed and Astro Africa provides that for all customers.

Maximum security: Astro Africa is security conscious and have invested so much in making sure that all their customers are protected from internet scammers. They uphold all the financial laws of Nigeria and Ghana alike.

P2P: This feature sets Astro Africa apart from the other gift card platforms. It allows Astro users to send money to other Astro users without accruing any extra charges, unlike the conventional Nigerian banks.

Pay bills: Through your Astro wallet, you can easily pay for everyday transactions like energy bills, TV subscriptions, and Airtime.

Gift cards traded on Astro Africa

Astro Africa trades a plethora of gift cards that include: Amazon, Amex Gold, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Nike, Nordstrom, One vanilla, Sephora, Steam Wallet, Visa, Walmart and sams club, and Apple Store.

How to sell gift cards on Astro Africa

  1. Create your Astro Account on
  2. A onetime password will be sent to your email immediately to verify your account.
  3. Click on sell gift cards to trade.
  4. Select account to credit. Could be your Nigerian or ghanian account.
  5. Select gift card category that relates to the value of your gift card.
  6. Input amount of gift card to be sold.
  7. Upload an image of your card.
  8. Click submit and your transaction will be completed in no time.

In conclusion, to read this article without taking conscious steps will be an exercise in futility. Hence, log on to to get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do I withdraw money from my Astro wallet?

  1. Login to your account via the website or app.
  2. Click on withdraw funds and a message will pop up that reads “withdraw to saved accounts.” Click on the arrow to agree.
  3. Fill in all necessary information in the next form.
  4. Click on withdraw. And your bank account is immediately credited with your money.

Is it possible to add more than one bank account to my Astro wallet?

Oh yes! It is very possible. Visit us at to get started.

How much is a $100 Steam gift card?

Currently, the price of a $100 steam gift card is 32,000 naira on Astro Africa. Use our rates calculator to calculate the price of other gift cards.

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