Concrete Erosion Mats

What you need to know about Concrete Erosion Mats

Erosion is a problem that is faced in many places. It is the geological procedure whereby earthen materials get worn away moreover transported by natural forces like wind or water. It is important to control this as the topsoil can lose its potential to hold materials, combat pollutants as well as regulate water flow. To handle this, concrete mat erosion solutions have been created.

What exactly is a concrete mat?

You may have heard of a concrete erosion mat and may not know what this is. It encompasses concrete shapes, interlocked together as well as embedded into some high strength and polyester geogrid. You can get a flexible or firm concrete erosion mat. These mats tend to be an Australian-made solution to try and combat erosion.

Features of concrete erosion mats:

The following are some features of concrete erosion mats and why you should consider them:

Flexible in nature

The space that surrounds every concrete shape allows these mats to have their flexibility. At the time that they are laid flat, this mat can contour to the landscape in a perfect way. It is possible for the mat to be secured to slopes that are up to 60 degrees. Another reason why the mats are flexible is because they can easily form around trees along with pipes drains.

Permeability features

The openings that are present between concrete shapes lets vegetation grow effectively through the mat. The vegetation is able to aid in anchoring the mat and allows the natural absorption and even filtration of sediment to occur into waterways. It has been claimed that eventually, upon the flexible concrete mat version, the vegetation can totally cover the mat.

You will get a hard surface that is for vehicular as well as foot traffic, reduced vehicle blogging, plus it is safer to maintain these mats because they can be mowed over using a commercial mower.

Limit runoff

With the help of the concrete erosion mat, runoff can be slowed down. The textured nature present of the concrete shapes helps in the slowing down of water when it travels across and even around the shapes within the mat. This is helpful when the vegetation has actually grown through the geogrid spacings.

Protect waterbodies

Concrete mats can be employed to protect riverbanks, dam embankments, spillways, abutments, channels, culverts as well as outlets, amongst other stuff. They do this whilst still preserving their natural environment so that no harm occurs to it.

The low-profile is able to intercept debris and logs from catching upon the concrete mat and aids in keeping the waterway open.

You can click here for erosion mat  if you are interested in getting this. From the above you can tell that these are helpful especially if you are looking for a solution to combat erosion. With the help of a concrete mat, you can get a permanent solution to familiar problems facing landfills, i.e. erosion. You can find an erosion control matting that is utilized to keep landfills protected from erosion.

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