Frozen Treats for Your Parlour

Different Types of Frozen Treats for Your Parlour

If you are thinking of starting your own restaurant, then the frozen desserts that you serve will likely be the centerpiece of your menu. Your frozen desserts will be an even bigger priority if you own an ice cream store.

Many people enjoy cooling off by eating cool and sweet snacks during muggy summer days. If you want to increase your bottom line, then offering a diverse and delicious array of frozen treats will help you achieve your financial goals.

Here, we will focus on the different types of frozen treats that you can serve your customers to have them coming back for more.

Types of Frozen Desserts

Ice cream can be purchased in individual pre-packaged cartons. Another option is to install a dipping cabinet. You can create your very own ice cream flavours and place them in bins for your customers to sample.

Custard is also a very popular frozen treat. It is both creamy and thick, and will likely satisfy the sweet tooth of many customers. It can be eaten out of a bowl or from a cone if desired. It can also be mixed in with other frozen delicacies, such as slushies and Italian aces.

Soft serve is known for its light consistency. As such, it is highly recommended for customers who want to take their frozen treat on the go. The aesthetically appealing twist that is formed when soft serve is, well, served, can help attract more customers to your parlour.

Frozen yogurt has a very creamy consistency as well as a tangy flavour. Frozen yogurt is usually made with cultured milk or yogurt.

Sugar, ice, and cream are also usually added to the mix. Frozen yogurt is a popular treat for people who are health conscious, as it tends to have less fat when compared to conventional ice cream treats.

Gelato is an Italian delicacy that is hard to resist. If glorious eye-candy is what you are looking for in a frozen treat, then look no further than gelato.

You can make heaps of gelato using gelato mix. Enjoy a wide array of colours and flavours, as well as different garnishes, including chocolate, fruit wedges, and even herbs with a rich aroma.

Sorbet and sherbet are often used as a delicious palette cleanser during a full course meal. They are frozen desserts that are made with decadent fruits. Both are also light-weight, with the biggest differentiator being that sherbet is made with dairy.

Advantages of Having Frozen Treats for Your Parlour

Many restaurant owners have tried to come up with creative and effective ways to attract new customers while keeping their existing ones excited about their menus. The end goal is to increase their profit margins as well as their customer base without breaking the bank.

Improving the visual design of your restaurant can entice new customers to eat at your parlour. Upgrading the menu by adding exotic and delicious treats to the mix may also help appeal to a wider clientele.

Interestingly, recent trends seem to suggest that most customers prefer fast-casual restaurants to conventional sit-down restaurants. Time is of the essence, so many customers want to eat as quickly as possible so they can go back to school or work without being late.

Frozen desserts can be consumed in a few minutes, and can also be taken on the go in a cone or container if needed. As such, if you want to attract new customers to your restaurant, then adding a wide array of frozen desserts to your menu can help you tap into a new niche.

How to Display and Store Frozen Treats in Your Parlour

Frozen yogurt and ice cream can be stacked up in novelty freezers if you wish. It should also be noted that simply having delicious treats will not suffice if you want your parlour to succeed.

The design of the parlour may be even more important if you want to persuade people to visit. You should use colours, furniture, and lights that will help attract customers. Avoid dark depressing colours, and the furniture should gel well with the overall design.

Your parlour should be bright, colourful, cheery, cozy, and inviting. The ideal atmosphere and ambiance will make people want to stay and sample many of your frozen treats. Catchy and trendy music can also attract even more customers.

Friendly customer service will encourage patrons to return to your parlour for more delicious snacks in the future, so your workers should be well dressed, clean, courteous, and knowledgeable about various frozen treats.

Novelty freezers and display coolers should be strategically placed to reach as many prospective customers as possible. They must also be cleaned and maintained to ensure that your frozen treats do not spoil or melt over time.

Final Thoughts

We hope you will consider adding some of the frozen desserts that we have suggested to your parlour menu. Do not hesitate to add new treats to your menu over time, gauging customer interest and changing dessert trends in order to effectively modify your menu.

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