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Building Your Brand: 9 Benefits of Outsourced Marketing Services

Is it worth it to hire outsourced marketing services? Or are you better off handling your own advertising campaigns?

Logically, it seems to make more sense to do your own marketing in-house. After all, you know your company better than some third party.

However, while that’s true, a professional third-party agency offers the top experts in the field of advertising. And they’ll never quit on you. Plus, it’s good to have an outsider’s perspective.

Worried that you won’t have as much control over your outsourced marketing agency? You should be more worried about your in-house team. For instance, if one of your in-house marketers gets a better offer, what’s to stop them from leaving?

As you can see, it’s a much better idea to outsource. But these are only a few examples. We’ve listed several more in detail below.

Read on to learn the many benefits of outsourced sales and marketing services.

  1. Help From Top Experts

First of all, some small business owners don’t even have an in-house marketing team. They try to take upon themselves the burden of marketing their business. This is a mistake.

Those who take a trial and error approach to marketing usually end up stuck in this learning process for years. Hiring a professional advertising service right off the bat will get you off to a much better start.

Revenue will increase and your business will grow much faster than with DIY advertising. Plus, your reliable advertisers will consistently maintain this advertising success for as long as you wish.

  1. Outsourced Marketing Services Are Up-to-Date With Marketing Trends

If you do your own advertising, it’s also difficult to keep up with the latest marketing trends and run your business at the same time. Or, if you have an in-house team, who’s keeping them up-to-date? You may have to keep up with these trends yourself just so that you can train your marketing team.

But a third-party marketing service keeps their staff current with any new marketing trends and developments. That includes adjusting their digital marketing strategy whenever search engines update their algorithms.

  1. They Help You Target the Ideal Audience

A seasoned marketing agency can help you find and target your ideal audience. Typically, they have experience in many industries, including yours.

That means they have invaluable knowledge from similar companies they’ve worked with. Specifically, they can share with you the ideal target demographics of companies like yours, plus their buying habits and other behavior. Better still, they know how best to market to this audience.

Furthermore, you can even find specialized ad agencies that are exclusive to your industry. For example, Ulistic advertises exclusively for MSP companies, as explained at https://www.ulistic.com/services/msp-marketing. Such specialists have even more inside knowledge of your industry to help you succeed.

  1. Consistent/Measurable Results

Besides being experts in advertising, marketing agencies are also experts in tracking/measuring results. They will report to you how well each campaign performs and back it up with proof.

Then, they’ll use this data to adjust your campaigns so they are more successful. This is a huge, painstaking aspect of advertising that you’ll no longer have to worry about.

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Sick Days

Your in-house team sometimes requires medical leave or vacation. This leaves you without one or more of your invaluable advertisers.

All in all, this costs the average business thousands of dollars per year, per employee. And, today, sick days are a bigger problem than ever before in our lifetimes.

But your outsourced marketing agency will never call in sick. They are always staffed well enough to meet your needs.

  1. No Hiring, Firing, or Training

Besides sick days, your in-house advertisers will eventually leave you altogether. Whether they quit, retire, or get fired, this day is inevitable.

Then, you’ll have to scout for new talent and interview, hire, train, supervise, and coach one or more replacement employees. Even worse, you’ll have to repeat this as often as your advertisers get poached by a higher-paying company.

Actually, though, you don’t have to do any of this. Instead, you could just hire a third-party agency that always has the fully-trained staff you need on hand.

  1. No Hidden Costs

As you well know, that turnover debacle we just mentioned costs you a lot of time and money. You’ll also need to provide your in-house employees with benefits, paid absences, and possibly pensions/severance.

Comparably, the service fee you’ll pay for third-party advertising will be substantially cheaper than all this.

  1. No Surprises

The fee for outsourced advertising is also more consistent than the example above. All that unexpected turnover and surprise absences make your in-house advertising cost rather unpredictable. But, aside from the occasional fee increase, the cost of outsourced advertising is always the same.

  1. Stay Prepared For Change

As mentioned, your outsourced advertising agency always has enough staff for your needs. So, when your business suddenly grows in size, you don’t need to hire a larger advertising team. Just get more help from your marketing agency.

This is helpful when downsizing, too. That is, when business gets slow, you don’t have to lay off several of your in-house marketers. You can simply reduce or cancel the service you receive from your third-party advertisers.

This is extremely useful for businesses that consistently have slow or busy seasons at the same times each year.

Do You Need Outsourced Marketing Services?

These benefits are not something you can afford to miss out on. To reap these rewards at your business, look into hiring outsourced marketing services today.

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