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Business Setup in Dubai: Comprehensive Zones

Dubai, a global city, has become a major attraction for entrepreneurs. Initially, developers did not want to invest in Dubai, considering the disadvantages. Nonetheless, in the past few years, Dubai has shown massive growth.

Business Link UAE is providing the benefit of a comprehensive business setup in Dubai. The major zones for setting up business in Dubai include the free zone, mainland, and offshore.

Free Zone

Dubai has become a major attraction for entrepreneurs from all around the world. Since it is an economic space, it is definitely a favorite among foreign investors. Hence, with so many free zones, foreign investors can easily set up their business.

Free zone registration is a very comprehensive process and we will guide you in that. Dubai is one of the most convenient zones in the Middle East. The business set up in Dubai will come with its own benefits. Therefore, there are around 20 free zones in Dubai with more than 1600 countries.

Depending on your requirement, we can help you with the business setup accordingly in Dubai-free zones. The Dubai free zones are close to airports and ports to enhance the process. The location of these zones helps in regulating businesses.

Offshore company

Following jurisdiction is extremely important for setting up offshore companies in Dubai. Business Link UAE can assist you with the process of offshore companies’ setup. It is extremely necessary to cater to the requirements of the law to set up the business. Nationals and foreigners need to check the laws for ownership to set up business smoothly.


Most investors, especially foreign investors consider investing in Mainland companies. It has become an extreme favorite for businesses. There are various business opportunities and facilities across mainland companies set up in Dubai.

In conclusion, Setting up a business in Dubai is extremely easy as long as you abide by the laws.

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