Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet: How Much Better Is a Wired Connection?

We all know that the era in which we live is high-speed, and everything is transforming itself to be the best. In an age like this, people prefer convenience. They always opt for items that provide them comfort and satisfaction. With the massive invention of technology, everything is going wireless to give people comfort. So is the case of Wi-Fi; they came into existence so that people can connect themselves from the internet from anywhere and get online. Often, organizations or firms repeatedly come down to the same question: a better connection, a Wi-Fi, or an Ethernet cable. In order to understand, one must know the difference between speed, reliability, quality, and security of each connection.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi came into existence in 1999; since then, it has gained plenty of popularity and is used more than any other connection mode. It’s a technology that lets people get connected to the internet from anywhere. The fantastic feature it holds is that it doesn’t need any physical wire.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet came into existence in 1973; this connection was designed for connecting devices in a LAN. This connection consists of an ethernet cable, crossover cable, router, and hub. It operates devices while connecting them with wires. This is how devices can transmit data over a network.

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet cable:

The invention of Wi-Fi has made everything much easier. No doubt, it came as a blessing to connect our electronic devices and smart phones to the internet. But if you are looking for a super-fast connection, then an Ethernet cable should be your first option. It’s noted that Ethernet Cables have always been faster than Wi-Fi from the very same router. No wonder that radio-active waves travel faster, but Ethernet cables send and receive data instantaneously. This quality doesn’t want the user to be closer to the router; no matter the distance, there would not be any difference in your connection speed.

Wireless connections are a lot slower than wired connections. They provide the convenience of using them within the range of the router. You can find the Hotspot in many places these days.

How much better is a wired connection?

Now let’s dive deep in to understand why the wired connection is better than the Wi-Fi.

1.   SPEED

Let’s see how it’s better concerning speed. Many variables tell the speed of a Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection. Ethernet has always been found to be faster than a Wi-Fi connection. The maximum speed of an Ethernet Cable is 10Gbps or maybe higher, while the maximum speed of a Wi-Fi is 6.9Gbps. And the actual speed of Wi-Fi is even much slower that’s usually less than 1Gbps.

2.   Reliability

Due to a lot of environmental factors, Wi-Fi signals get interrupted and weak. It produces inconsistent performance because of the atmosphere issues. The biggest problem you will notice in Wi-Fi is that when you travel from one place to another in your house, the signals get weaker or irregular. This problem can be rectified while keeping your route from where the signals can be distributed evenly, but it’s harder to achieve stable signals.

Ethernet cables will give you the privilege of consistent speed that is stable at the same time. You will notice this when you download a large number of files from the internet. Downloading would not take much time, and you will get your files into your system without any interference. If you watch a lot of HD videos, then Ethernet cables are the right option for you.

3.   Security

There is zero percent of security when using Wi-Fi as it is an open network; hence its data is not safe. When you transmit highly sensitive data, make sure to use a Wi-Fi network whose data is secured. WEP method is known to be the least secure method. Use the WPA2PSK method that is secured encrypted. Moreover, public Wi-Fi is the least secure Wi-Fi. Be very careful while using them. Whereas ethernet cables are a lot safer. The data you have sent using an Ethernet Cable can’t be accessed this easily. This data can only be accessed from the device that is physically attached to the network. So be at ease as your data can’t get hijacked.

4.   Interference

As you know, there are many electronic devices in our offices and homes that can become the cause of interference with the Wi-Fi. This causes the following issues:

  • Greater latency
  • Weak or dropped signals.
  • Lower speed

Whereas Ethernet cables don’t have any such interference issues.

Final words on which connection to choose

Wi-Fi is a good option for everyday use purposes. If you want to do lighter tasks like surfing the internet, watching movies, writing documents, etc., you can go for Wi-Fi. But if you are a gamer who risks having an unstable connection, then an Ethernet cable is the perfect option for you. You will also need an Ethernet cable if you wish to watch HD videos. So get the Best Ethernet Cable for gaming and enjoy your gaming time to the fullest.

Keep in your mind that both the connections have their advantages and disadvantages. You should select the connection according to your needs.

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