Business Territory of Youth: 3 Income Ideas for Students

Business Territory of Youth: 3 Income Ideas for Students

The philosophy of money pulls schoolchildren and teenagers, not to mention students, into the business cycle. One wants to earn money as early as possible, be independent, self-sufficient, travel, buy brand name clothing and have money for entertainment. Being a student is a time when thinking about your personal future is most fruitful. Should I try my hand at business or choose the path of a salaried employee with a fixed salary? This question should be decided now. The freedom of the day and the lack of serious commitments make this a favorable time to put your own business ideas into practice.

 The advantages of student status for the businessman:

  • a wide circle of communication (fellow students become not only customers, but also “suggest” a valuable idea for making money);
  • part-time employment (unlike a secondary school, a student’s schedule at a higher school is not strictly regulated – there are lack of free time);
  • access to information (one of the main activities of the university is to teach young people to find useful information; this quality will come in handy when starting your own business);
  • minimum obligations (to family, children, creditors).

As part-time jobs for students are usually offered writing essays on buy term paper request, reselling used items, baby sitting and even making cheat sheets. They do make money on this. But some go further and already in their student years begin to form their own business empire. Let’s take a closer look at business ideas that can be a startup for entrepreneurship.

1. A portal for schoolchildren and students

A future journalist (or just a communicative student) can organize an information resource for students. They will not need to create a website or spend money on it – there is already an internet site. Surely the school has its own website, but there is no time to fill it with news and advertisements. For a student, this is an opportunity to start your own business, because commercial information is often more expensive than the material result of the work.

What is placed on such a portal:


-useful information:

-interesting articles,

-reference books, useful for a student, a teenager or a schoolchild,

-information about festivals, holidays, concerts, youth events,

-train and bus schedules;

-photo reports of student activities;

-advertising (what will bring the main income for the beginning businessman).

The benefits of the business are obvious. But you will have to negotiate with the administration of the institution and get permission to be the curator of the site.

 2. Setting up gadgets

A student or a schoolboy gets pleasure from fiddling with new gadgets – to test, investigate, tune up. At the same time, a huge number of people of the older generation don’t understand the new features, devices, and options. Even adjusting the volume, receiving calls in conference mode, installing an easy-to-use video player – turns into a difficult task for the owner of a smartphone or smart watch, who has not seen such “toys” as a schoolboy.

Becoming a consultant on mobile gadgets, to help in their selection and configuration – another idea for your own business for the student. Start-up capital is not needed here – only personal knowledge and interest in technology. What you can offer:

-consultations on technical issues;

-Setting up according to the parameters set by the client;

-installation of software, applications, games;

-sticking a protective film on the screen.

The service center estimates such services are expensive. You have to go to them and wait in line. If you offer the setting at home at a gentle rate and perform the work qualitatively, “word of mouth” will ensure an influx of customers. With the right organization, it is realistic to make money from such a startup.

 3. Baby-sitting at weddings

The idea of making money from parents who have no one to leave their children with is not new, but thoughtful people are turning old and proven ways of making money into innovative business ideas. So did Polish student Dorota Krul, who set up an event agency to entertain children at weddings. The originality of her idea is not just to entertain children or offer animation, but to include children as full participants in the wedding show, which is prepared for adults.

The main advantage of the startup is zero startup costs. There is no need for expensive equipment or rental space (all paid for by the wedding planner). Scenarios and games are searched on the Internet or come up with their own. What does the organizer need: experience with children, responsibility, and communication skills? The owner of the business stresses that her idea was so popular that it is successfully promoted by “word of mouth.

In the initial stage of “running-in” may be limited to such advertising. With a serious approach should be established channels, supplying customers:

-offer services to hotels, restaurants, where wedding events are held;

-arrange with DJs;

-to apply to event-agencies and decorators specializing in wedding themes.

Over time, you can create a business card website and advertise your services in social networks.


A business with no investment, no rented space, no loans, and no serious financial obligations is what the enterprising student needs. You can literally find ideas underfoot. A medical student can make money on health and wellness products, a future educator – on organizing parties for children. A designer will come up with beautiful things and interior details. An IT specialist will offer new programs and mobile applications.

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